Saturday, August 15, 2009

Scrapbooking - Standing Up or Sitting Down?

How do you scrapbook?

Okay, I was at a monthly crop last night that I attend (not every month). Anyway, I was really trying to get some things accomplished and was really concentrating when suddenly it dawned on me that I was standing up. I looked around the room at about 125 women or so, and EVERYONE ELSE WAS SITTING!! Is something wrong with me? For the life of me AND MY PAGES I had to keep standing up every now and again to either get a feel for what was needed or to adhere somethings straight. So my question is, first, am I just weird or what? Really, please don't answer that. The people I live with (teenagers) keep me well informed of the answer to that question. My real question I guess is: How do you scrapbook, standing up or sitting down?
I was there from about 7 - 11 which is the longest I have left the baby. She was really good for her daddy! I got two full layouts down (4 pages) except for the titles. I want to get to my Cricut and SCAL for that. I hope to get that done later today or maybe tomorrow and post the pictures of them.
UPDATE: We have now progessed in our potty training to wearing underware. YEAH!!!! The youngest has had only one accident, PEE PEE, thank goodness! And I think that was b/c he couldn't get his pants down quick enough.

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  1. I stand for hours when I do a card. I don't think your weird, but then I might be in the same boat you're in. LOL Welcome to blogging. It's a fun community.


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