Saturday, September 12, 2009

Family Update

What is it about boys and the toilet!?! We potty trained the boys (they are almost 3 and 4) about a month ago and I have to admit that it went better than I thought it would. However, we had a couple of really bad days last week with some accidents, and I felt like I just wasn't going to make it. I was almost ready to just pull out the diapers!!!! AND I think their daddy taught them a little about clean up using toilet paper to wipe up the sprinkle when they tinkle so I have had to literally pull big wads of toilet paper out of the toilet! GROSS!! I think diapers might be cheaper than all the toilet paper, washing, and flushing b/c they have to flush, flush, flush! OH how much fun it is to flush!! And oh how traumatized they are if someone else flushes! They are both so independent. Not to mention they are a little hit and miss. More miss than hit!!! All is better now though. I hope and pray!

I haven't had much time to stamp or scrapbook much b/c I have been, well, besides cleaning up pee-pee, unmounting my Stampin Up stamps during any free time I get. What a job!!! I am starting to feel like I am getting my craft room back. YIPPEE!!! (no pun intended! LOL!) All my many, many sets were taking over!

My new camera that was estimated to get here on the 3rd wasn't even shipped until the 2nd. It did finally come and I love it. I will be posting my first video tutorial next week.

My teenagers are extremely busy now that school has started with one in scouts, band, choir, & drama, and the oldest, a senior, in choir, clubs and activities at school, and is secretary in her church young women's group.

Homeschooling kindergarten is going great! I am using
Abeka books. I really like their materials and my kids do too. I went ahead and got some preK for the boys to get a jump start.

That's about all for my little family update!

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