Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Family Update

Unfortunately this week I have not been feeling well. Just a cold, but still I have felt miserable. Sadly I missed my oldest child's choir performance. I'm sure the coughing would have been out of tune. I have heard her many times before; I am sure she was great! I did manage to get her picture in her cute costume.

I am so proud of the young women she has become.

Now these two! That is another story! Don't they look like they are up to NO GOOD!
They are the farthest apart in years of all my children at almost 8 years. And argue the worst by FAR, driving each other nuts and me completely bonkers!!
But through it all they still love each other! FYI, my son just got notice that he has the lead male role in his drama play. WAY TO GO!!!

We are now starting a two week fall break and hope to go to Sea World and the beach in a week. FUN! FUN!
The younger boys have been bouncing off the walls the past couple of days and with everyone home if I don't update next week send a medic OR A SHRINK! LOL!

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  1. what adorable children you have, your cards are fantastic too...have a fabulous week!

    enjoy *~*


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