Saturday, October 31, 2009

Family Update - Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Lightening McQueen checking out his loot!

My Little Kitty Cat - aaaaah!

Spiderman eating some of his loot!

Princess Aurora is always ready for a picture!

No family update last week! It has been crazy around here. Over the past two weeks we have had two birthdays, three dentist appointments, three sick kids (24 hour stomach bug), dog to the vet, church activities, Fine Arts Festival (school), two parties (pampered chef & jewelry), church craft night, ACT test, senior pictures photo session. and that doesn't even count the day to day never ending things like meals, dishes, & laundry, oh my!!!

With all the craziness we just got out our tubs of costumes and reused our old ones. They had more fun, I think, going through them and trying them on than in a store buying new.

We had a great Halloween, just trick or treating on our street, visiting our neighbors and just being outside. It had been cold but was PERFECT tonight.
I hope everyone had a great Halloween and got lots of great candy!
I have to go eat my kids' chocolate now!!!

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