Sunday, October 18, 2009

Family Update

I am not sure if anyone is like me, I sure hope I'm not the only one. I had such grand plans while my oldest two children were out of school for fall break. I was going to go through their clothes, getting rid of those that are either too small, not worn or worn out. I was going to sort through toys, throwing out broken ones or getting rid of toys that aren't played with and then organize the ones we were keeping (that is pretty much a waste of my time but I still like it done once in a while). I was going to get ALL the laundry folded and put away. I was going to get some scrapbooking done, yeah right!!! I was going to clean and organize my craft room, oh that one makes me laugh out loud!!!! OH WELL, sadly, I didn't get hardly anything accomplished while they were home to help.

Well...... the first week we spent on vacation. We had a nice relaxing time. We went to Sea World and the beach in San Diego. And last week I spent the better part of my time looking for and adopting a dog. We started out at the Humane Society but ended up finding the newest member of our family at the local animal center. There were so many great dogs there. It was so sad to see them all, especially the new mommy dogs with their brand new puppies. One dog had her puppies just hours before we got there. Please, I encourage everyone to spay or neuter your pets and advise others to do the same. Also, if you are needing an addition to your family, adopt. It is a great feeling to be giving an unwanted animal a home.

This is Bailey, formerly know as Punchey. She is a Great Dane / Pit Bull mix.
She is super sweet and very smart! We love her already!

Bailey loves her boy!!!
That's all for this week's update! Have a great day!

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