Saturday, October 17, 2009

How to make your Cricut Mat Sticky Again! - Video #4

Here is a video showing how I make my Cricut mats sticky again! I have tried several different methods, and I have this to be the easiest, fastest, and cheapest (especially if you use a coupon)!

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Thanks so much for watching!
I hope what I have learned through trial and error can help someone.


  1. I love sure cuts alot. The only problem I had was upgrading the version on my cricut!!! It is awesome!! Hope you have enjoyed your like I have enjoyed mine!!!

  2. I just found your blog today. I am also a mom to 6 kiddos and a new cricut expressions owner and found this video on you tube today. I started following your blog. I am very thankful for the tip and love looking at your creations.

  3. Thanks SO much for this tip - can't wait to try it! I already have this Aleen's Tack-It-Over-and-Over glue because I make my own "glue dots" - saves SO much money and so easy! Just save your glue dot strips and dot the glue on - voila'! Perfect. Thanks again :)

  4. Thanks, I have a couple of mats that are getting desperate!


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