Monday, November 30, 2009

Family Update - Visiting My New Nephew

I am finally, after having a great Thanksgiving weekend, posting pictures from my visit back home to see my new precious nephew, oh, and the rest of my family too!  LOL!

Isn't he the SWEETEST?

Aunt Laurie loves me!!

After doing a little math, I realized that my youngest and my nephew (the two little ones in the picture) are exactly the same distant apart as my two youngest boys, my Irish twins.  I am not sure how I survived!!! 

My brother - the proud new Daddy!

Our whole family is planning to go and visit next year during spring break. 

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  1. Oh my he is the most gorgeous baby!! Congrats Aunt Laurie :)

  2. Congrats on the adorable new nephew Laurie
    wondering if you could tell us(my daughter and myself) where you got the cheat sheet for the:
    we saw it on your cricut in one of your
    youtube demo's.


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