Monday, December 14, 2009

Family Update

WOW!  I can't believe I haven't posted in a week.  It has been absolutely CRAZY around here!  That is not an understatement!

Last Sunday we got out the Christmas tree and decorations! 

WELLLLLL,  after getting the kids all jazzed up to decorate the tree and getting the tree up I realized ( I still don't quite remember ) that last year half our lights weren't working so we decided to chuck then instead of going through all of them, switching them out, trying to find the bad one!  Has anyone ever done that?  It is a TOTAL pain and usually causes some serious frustation.

Anyway!  Like I said the kids were ready to decorate the tree.  So,  I decided to go ahead and decorate the tree without the lights.  Probably not my best descision. Our poor tree looked a little pathetic.   But hey, it was up!

Then, Monday was my baby's first birthday.  We had a little birthday party for her.  She loved her cake, obviously!  I so can NOT believe it has already been a year! 

Tuesday nights my oldest two have church activites.

Wednesday night was my son's Choir and Band concerts.  I couldn't get a picture of him with his saxophone; he was in the back. 

Sadly, Thursday night my oldest had a choir concert that I didn't get to attend because who would watch the four little ones!  My oldest is my babysitter!

Friday and Saturday night were my son's drama nights.  I went Friday night and my oldest and my five year old went on Saturday night.  The play was Law and Order:  Fairy Tale Unit.  My son was the leading man, playing Detective Humpty Dumpty.  He did a great job and was so funny!!  Saturday afternoon I attended an Open House at my friend Carrie's house, then I took the kids, YES! ALL OF THEM (and yeah, I am nuts) to Target to get Christmas lights.  Then last night we put them on the tree.  Take my advice:  It is much easier to put lights on a Christmas tree BEFORE you put on the ornaments!
Throw in laundry, dishes, diapers, meals, vacuuming (I have to do this everyday) and you pretty much have my entire week!!!

Thanks for checking in!
Have a great day!

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  1. I'm so sad you missed #1 daughter's concert. Next time call me!!!


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