Sunday, September 19, 2010

Family Update - My Little Flyers!

Crafters beware!!  This is not a crafty post!  When I started my blog a little over a year ago I wanted to share a family update every once in a while and it has been a long time.  So.......... here goes.

I really like this time of year!  Starting tomorrow and for a little over a month I will have two 4 year olds.  When they were two I loved confusing people at stores.  I would tell people that I have two two-year olds, "Are they twins?" they would ask and then I would tell them no.  That was it, just no!  It takes people just a minute to get it!  Or sometimes they would ask one or both have been adopted.  I have a friend who has one that is adopted and one she had, of course right, after she adopted.  It happens a lot, I hear.  Women finally get to adopt only to find out they are pregnant soon after.  Anyway,  she loved to confuse people (and got me good when I first met her) and maybe I got it from her. 

I get asked ALL the time if they are twins now that they are bigger and about the same size.  I say yes, Irish Twins!  Again they look at me with confusion!  Am I mean or funny?  I guess it depends on your sense of humor.

As I mentioned in an earlier post with my husband's airplane birthday card here are my little flyers!

The plane!  It so needs a different paint job.
My DH bought it this way and we both want to change it.

This one would go to the little airport, where my husband keeps his plane, EVERYDAY!!!
I tell my husband all the time, "You're Welcome!"

Even the girls love the airplane!
Well, the 21 month old WILL!!

The birthday boy!  The youngest of the two four year olds!
And the pilot, Daddy!
I am not sure if it was this time, but one time this little guy fell asleep while flying!
I wish I could fly like them, but like I posted early I get sick in the smaller airplanes. 
Thank goodness I gave him Little Flyers!
And yes, my husband took these pictures while in the air!

Thanks so much for visiting today!

Have a great crafting or flying day!!


  1. Love getting an update on your growing family! If you can keep the "caboose" from coming into the world for four day past its due date, he/she will be born on my birthday! I was actually due on Christmas as well! Congrats by the way on this 7th child!

  2. Awesome pics Laurie! Thanks for sharing. Blessings.


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