Saturday, October 9, 2010

What a MESS!

Today I spent most of my "crafting" time just cleaning up from my crafting extravaganza the last couple of days getting all the challenges done!

But at least I had a helper!

 I say start 'em young!

Thanks for checking in today!

Have a great crafting or cleaning up after day!


  1. I love all your e-mails and updates about your family. They are all so special. Enjoy.

    My scrapbooking room looks like that all the time. Keep giving me good ideas.

  2. Ah I like that, "crafting extravaganza", I think that's what I refer to my crafting mess! BTW your helper is a CUTIE!! :)

  3. Oh my, if that's a mess, you wouldn't want to see my scraproom at the moment, lol! I haven't had time to breath, let alone craft! Your little one is precious! She reminds me of my dds when they were little - all toehead and blonde eyes - now they are nearly 16, 14, and 12 - eek!


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