Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just a Little Update

Besides OB appointments I have been playing around with scraps left out from other finished cards that are lying around needing to be either used or stored away BUT definintely NOT thrown away!  What were you thinking!?!  I will post some pictures tomorrow.  This is a late night post and I really should be in bed since last night my two year old ended up in my bed and I ended up with feet in my back and very little sleep!

Baby is doing great!  I'm due Christmas day but we are planning on inducing a week early!  Which is great!  Anything to get out of some appointments!  They are wearing me down.  Speaking of wearing me down .....  I have been moving a bit more slowly, getting less and less done.  My house, well let's just not talk about that!!!! 

Oh, and one more thing!  All my cyber deals have come in and I have been drooling over all my new cartridges.  Can't wait to share!!

Thanks for checking in today!

Have a great crafting day!


  1. My last inducement ended up in an emergency C-section!!! I hope yours goes much more smoothly!! I think it is done perhaps a bit differently over here/there :-)

    Don't worry about your house - it will still be there when you are ready to get back to it *L*

    Christmas Day - Wow - I have a friend who was born on this day - combined presents....not so good.....

    You take care of yourself and get as much sleep as you can - no 2 year olds in your bed :-D

    Best wishes and I look forward to seeing your new goodies.

    Surrey, UK

  2. Best wishes for an easy delivery and a wonderful holiday season. I was born on December 22 - three days before Christmas is not a great day for a birthday since everyone is so busy with holiday shopping, gatherings and events. Hated it as a kid! I am sure you will make an effort to create a special day - never say "just pick a gift from under the tree since I didn't have time to shop" because the child will really dislike that. Well, enough about me! LOL. Happy baby!

  3. oh my goodness, your due date is soon! I wish you well and a safe delivery!!!


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