Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend update and Winner!!

Since my last post things have been crazy around here.  Here in Arizona we don't get snow but we had a cold front with freezing temperatures come through, and to the best of my understanding there was an over usage of gas, a build up of pressure, and so the company shut down OUR neighborhood.  We spend two days huddled together in the master bedroom with the space heater, cooking in my electric pressure cooker (I love that thing even more now!) and microwave.  We never lost water but many did.  I did lose my husband temporarily as he is a handy man and was playing plumber at the neighbors!  It actually wasn't that bad especially when others in the country have had it sooooo much worse but things did take longer with more thinking and creativity!  Ironically when we got the gas back on the weather turned beautiful and has been since!  Back to normal Arizona weather! 

On with winner of my giveaway! 

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

Congrats on 50,000 how exciting!!! Wow, what we like to do, I think the best is Sunday, we have are dinner early and then have family game night together so we can laugh, talk and reconnect.

Congratulations Kathy!  Please contact me with your information at hidinginmycraftroom at hotmail dot com!

Thanks so much to all who participated and for checking in today!

Have a great crafting day!

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