Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Morning Musings

What I've learned from my kids.....

1.  Washable doesn't REALLY mean washable!

2.  The Wonder Cleaner that I bought from a door to door salesman works great on carpet to get out poop stains!  Don't ask!!

3.  A person CAN survive with very little sleep for a period of time!  I have yet to determine how long! I'm still alive!

4.  Don't EVER bother putting the vacuum away!

5.  Teenagers need hugs even when they don't 'want' them!


  1. Hooray! I can finally leave a comment on your blog! :) Laurie, I have to tell you that this completely made me smile this morning! Too funny! You are a busy gal, for sure.

  2. That was a lovely morning pick-me-up! And, yes, teenagers do need hugs too :)

  3. Too funny Laurie!! I love that Tyler is wearing his sisters flip flops... Those boys are sooo cute!

  4. Oh those naughty, naughty boys! I have a shot similar to that of my girls shortly after we moved into our home. They were so proud of their artwork...but because it was done in crayon, the hard work was left to me to take care of. :)


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