Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Morning Musings

So I have a lot of people ask me how to you do it?  When do you possibly find time to craft?  And I've been thinking about it .....

I found Flylady several years ago and I really like her cleaning system.  Granted I'm not even close to 'doing' her entire system and oddly enough some of the things she recommends I learned from my mother who was almost always a work out of the house mom.  Now there's a busy lady! 

Here are a few things that I've found that help me:

1.  Start a load of laundry every morning!
2.  Even though it sounds funny it does make a difference if you 'shine' your sink everyday!  This is a flylady thing! 
3.  Keep cleaning supplies handy!  Like comet, toilet brush, Windex, and paper towels or microfiber towels under each sink.  Flylady calls this swish and swipe.  I have always just called it damage control and I don't like to have to hunt down things when I need them.  I thought if I didn't have time to thoroughly clean the bathroom I could at least wipe the mirror, counters, and swish the toilet water. 
4.  One thing I have learned for sure is not to sweat the small stuff!  I've learned to just let some things go and try to realize that my house can wait but my kids, husband and myself can't!  And that means my sanity too! 
5.  Which means even if my house isn't 'clean' I still take some time for myself!  It's a must!  I'm a better mom and wife when I do! Whether it's taking a LONG soak in the bath which I do at least twice a week or hiding in my craft room or reading or whatever.
6.  I schedule 'me' time!  If you don't plan it; it won't happen.  I have days designated that are my crafting times and my husband's time to spend with his children!  ;)  No, he's not babysitting or even watching the kids!  It is his time to ENJOY and bond with his children!!!!! 
7. One of my favorite Flylady thing is a control journal.  You can read more about it HERE if you are interested. It is basically taking the things that get done or need to get done on a normal day to day basis and making routines and repeating them daily. 
8.  I use a timer for cleaning!  It's amazing what you can do when the time is limited. 
9.  I get the whole family involved!  Set a timer and do a family 5, 10, or 15 minute tidy! 
10.  I don't forget my husband! (well, I try not to!) I have found when I'm doing things for and with him and letting him have his 'guy' time he is so much more willing to help me around the house, with the kids, and letting me have 'my' time to play!!!! 

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  1. Laurie -
    #1 I love the layour of your blog - how did you do it??
    #2 I get asked the same question I work outside the house with 2 kids...
    #3 Thank you fo reminding me about flylady....I used to do that before kids funny enough...I might need to re-visit!


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