Monday, June 6, 2011

A stomach bug has landed!

The past few days have not been too fun! Saturday I had a list of things I felt like I HAD to get done.  Boy, was I wrong!  They still aren't done!  I just wasn't feeling good then Saturday night about midnight it hit me and hit me hard!  Then about 1:30 my 7 year old starting vomiting too! We stayed in bed all day Sunday with my poor 14 year old taking care of the baby, unless I was nursing or he was sleeping, the four year old, and the five year old.  He was amazing!  But even he was amazing my house looked AWFUL!  Today I'm still a little weak but much better.  We were planning a much need trip to Wal-mart to get some last minute things for my son's camping trip (he's leaving in the morning!) but it hit again!  My two year old this time.  She hasn't quite grasped the puke bucket concept.  My poor washer hasn't stopped! 

Anyway, before I gross everyone out!  I don't have any crafty creations to share, but I do have three videos to finish editing.  The last of which has a giveaway included.  I hope to be sharing those this week. 


  1. Oooh I so sorry! That is horrible. I hope you all are feeling better soon.

  2. UGH!!! I hope you all feel better soon.

  3. Oh No! I'm so sorry and hope you all are on the mend soon!

  4. Laurie, I'm so sorry everyone is under the weather! I hope you get to feeling better soon. Thinking of you! Big hugs! :)

  5. Oh my goodness, what a week-end you had. So sorry. Hope everyone is much better soon.

  6. I know what you went through. I'm sure we all have had some form of that at one time or another. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Sorry the two year old is sick and missed the bucket. That mess is not fun to clean up. Almost makes you feel like, well, you know. Take care, get better everyone.

    Dianne Bell

  7. Sorry to hear that you and others in the family are sick. Ped-i-alite is good in frozen pops to suck on.

  8. Oh dear, hope everyone is feeling better. How nice that your son was so helpful.

  9. I sure hope you and your family are on the mend!


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