Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I HATE Bats!

I not only HATE bats but I'm really really afraid of them!  They just give me the creeps! 

This is the front door entrance way to my home.  Well, bats have thought it would be a great place to hide out and get some bugs, I guess.  CREEPY!  My fear had gotten so bad that when my husband and I would go any where at night I would make him go ahead of me and do a bat check!  And if I happened to be by myself I would just walk slowly to the door and try to keep my head down while doing the bat check!  So far this summer we hadn't had any sitings.  Until.....

One night this past week my daughter, who is home from college, had a little get together with some of her friends.  About 1 AM one of the girls was leaving and was scared of the moths that had gathered around the front porch light so they turned off the light.  Just as my daughter opened the door the largest bat I've ever seen flew into our house!  YES!  INSIDE MY HOME!!!  I was upstairs about to fall asleep, heard the door slam, 5 girls scream, and someone say did it get in!  I immediately knew!  I didn't know whether to turn the hall lights off, leave them on, or WHAT! 

I did some googling in my room with my door shut because that sucker keep flying up the stairs right at me with the door cracked then back down and swooping around our front room!  I came across an article from http://www.batconservation.org/.  I have to admit, sorry to any animal lovers, I don't care about ,especially at that moment, conserving ANY bat!!  Anyway, this article was about catching it, keeping it away from children because when frightened they might bite, and how to get it out of the house with a BROOM or PILLOW CASE!   Are you kidding me?  Me, scared to death hiding behind my door, catch it!!!  I am ashamed to say that with that thing flying around, right up the stairs, right at me peeking through a crack where my door is, I was immobilized.  So my daughter did the Army crawl to close the upstairs bedroom doors.  One of which, was where my boys wanted to both sleep on the top bunk!!!  But the article did tell me that bats CAN see, to shut as many doors as possible, to turn ON all the lights including the outside light, and leave the door open.  After being scared to death for about 40 minutes it flew out the front door! 

So I decide to send the girls that were so brave and still here for the whole bat episode a cute little card!

Here's what I came up with:

When I showed my daughter the cards she said, "Those bats are a lot cuter!"  I soooo agree!

Bats were cut from Paper Doll Dress Up Cartridge at 2" using Fit to Length at 5.5" with Real Dial Size ON.
Sentiment ovals were cut from Storybook 1.75" and 2.25" with Real Dial Size ON.

Card Base: SU  Gable Green 4 1/4" X 5 1/2" (folded)
Card front:   the Paper Studio 'Oops-A- Daisy' pack 4" X 5 1/4"
Other Cardstock / Paper:  Black 
Ink:  PTI True Black
Stamps:  SU Bats About You
Accessories:  Cricut & Storybook and Paper Doll Dress Up cartridges, ribbon from Oriental Trading Co., Gel Pen, Wiggle Eyes

Thanks so much for visiting me while I am
Hiding in My Craft Room where the only bats are made of paper!!!


  1. What a story!!! I would've been TERRIFIED! We don't like it when flies get into our house! I can't even imagine a huge BAT in the house! So glad it flew out on its own eventually. What a great card though! And it definitely provided you a great story to tell us here!

  2. CUTE, CUTE card!!! Love this and the bat story is fabulous. We had one get in our house several years ago and were running around with a fishing net trying to catch it to get it out! They're just so scary looking so I know what you're dealing with.

  3. Rolling on the floor laughing about your story for this card. Hilarious as long as you arn't the one the bat is chasing. LOL
    I had a similar experience, and like you I was immobilized. I was in my room and all of a sudden I saw it flying around my room, I screamed my head off and hid under the covers. My boys came running up there to see what was wrong, thank goodness they netted it and let it go outside. Of course I can not sleep with my lights out now. Another time we had a bat in our living room, I sucked it up with a vacuum cleaner hose, then let it go outside. Hate those things.

  4. Cute card. Bats are scary, have to give a thumbs up to those girls.

  5. Very cute card! The bat story...not so much! We had them in the attic of the house where I grew up. One would show up in the house occasionally and that was not pleasant! I hope you get rid of the problem real soon. But your card is just adorable!

  6. sorry this happened to you and your family...but it does make for a great story and a cute card! thanks for sharing!

  7. I would have been scared to death!! Cute card thought.

  8. Eeeewww YUCK! Love the card despite the *horror* story:) Cute idea for the girls.

  9. Really cute card. I'm with you, I hate bats, way too creepy. The only way I like bats is on a card or scrapbook page. :0)

  10. Oh my gosh! My heart is pounding just thinking about it. Ugh, I hate bats.

    Your card is adorable and I am sure the girls will love it. I bet this little bat is MUCH CUTER than the real one.

  11. Your cards are just adorable, and what a fun idea to make for those girls after your ordeal. I haven't come across bats but I'm sure I'd be the same way. Mice send me screaming and climbing up on whatever or whoever is nearest.

  12. Great card. I agree with your daughter; the bats on the card are cuter. Loved the story. I enjoy reading your blog. Your style of writing is great. keep em coming.

  13. Omg !! I was watching tv and I sAw something like a rat in d corner I touched it with the broom and it started flying it was a small bat right now I'm dying I'm in my bedroom and d bat still in d living room I don't know what to do I know they don't harm but I'm scared to death to open my door!!!!


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