Sunday, August 14, 2011

Two Sundays Left!

Only two Sundays left until my husband gets home!

Here's a few pictures he sent me.  He was so excited to get these! Me too!

He's a pilot of a EC-130.
Here's a very interesting article (at least I think so) about what this plane does and its mission:
It's so cool to know what our armed forces are capable of!

My husband is flying here!
He's on the right in the left seat.
I'm so proud of my man!

He's such a big kid and loves when the plane gets refueled while flying!  I love that man!


  1. I know you are excited about your hubby returning home. Thank you for sharing the great photos!

  2. Two more Sundays! How exciting! Incredible pics and interesting article on the plane capabilities. Thanks, Laurie.

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  4. so happy that your husband will be home in 2 more Sundays!! my husband is a retired marine that did Desert Storm so I can relate! the pics are awesome and thanks for sharing your talents and your life with us!

  5. these photos are amazing Laurie!

  6. Those are amazing photos, Laurie, and you should be very proud! I'm so happy for you that your Sundays away are winding down.

  7. Amazing...I bet you can't wait to see him!!

  8. These pics are amazing. My niece served in Iraq and I remember the entire family counting down the days till she finally came home.

    May your days go quickly ;)



  9. beautiful pictures and such an informative article, tfs!!


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