Monday, October 24, 2011

New Toys!

I am probably the last to get some of the cutest stamps ever!  I just got my first order from Peachy Keen Stamps!  They look like they are going to be soooo much fun!  I hope to get some time to play with them tonight after the kids are in bed or tomorrow at the lastest!  LOL!!

Plus, I can't believe how fast they got here! 

FYI ....

Today is the last day to get entered to drawing for the Gypsy Sleeve


Don't forget to check out this week's challenge.  It's a fun one!!  The links are in the far right side bar.


  1. You will love those Peachys and find out that they are so addictive!!

  2. Be careful those stamps do have a disease called 'Addiction'. LOL I love the Peachy Keen Stamps and also the die cuts. The cottage die cuts they sell are adorable and I use them a lot also. Have fun!!!

  3. You are going to love them! They are just too cute and so versatile. I bought a few sets a few years back and still love them.


  4. I just discovered these adorable stamps! I am waiting for my order to arrive in the mail, and can't wait to try them out!


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