Saturday, June 30, 2012

HIMCR #52 - Freestyle

Happy Saturday from my hotel room!! 
We are officially moved out.  We left Arizona with half our stuff (the military moved the other half) Tuesday morning, well we meant to leave out tuesday morning but we had some set backs and ended up leaving Tuesday late afternoon.  So what else is new.  Now we have the half the military moved in the house mostly set up and the half we moved stuffed into our garage.  We had to get our truck back so that was the quickest and easiest thing to do.  Hence why I'm in a hotel room.  It's the quietest moment I've had in weeks!!!!!

I'm so sorry about last Saturday's challenge.  I thought I had everything prepared well in advance, even all my challenge examples pictured, but alas I had issues with my main computer and didn't plan for my laptop to be used for watching netflix (pretty much my kids only entertainment) for a couple of days.  I'm still planning on posting last week's challenge with even an additional giveaway!    Soooo, if you've been following the design team and have done the challenge you will still get a chance to enter it into the monthly giveaway plus the special giveaway as well! 

The challenge this week, the 5th week of the month, is Freestyle:  ANYTHING Goes! 
You have until Friday, July 6th to link up your creation to get entered into the monthly drawing this week.  When uploading to online galleries please use code HIMCR52.

Here's some inspiration from the
Hiding in My Craft Room Design Team

Jennie from  Jenscrapstoo

You can see the HIMCR schedule of challenges and guidelines HERE!  Please be sure and follow the few easy guidelines so your creation will get entered into the monthly giveaway!!!

Just a few guidelines: 
1.  The current weekly challenge linky will be up until Friday night at midnight MST.  Be sure and link your creation back to the actual post and not just your blog home page.
2.  When posting your creation on your blog or online gallery please link it back to this challenge.  This helps me to spread the word and the FUN!
3.  Please create something new for the current challenge and NOT use something you've made previously.  However, you can combine a HIMCR challenge with other challenges. It is always fun to complete more than one challenge at a time!
4.  The winner of the monthly giveaway will be posted the 8th of the following month!
5. Have FUN!!
6. Let me know if I forgot something!
Thanks so much for visiting me while I am
Hiding in My Craft Room, well really Hotel Room!


  1. Oh the unpacking, hope it all goes smoothly Laurie!! Cheers Jennie

  2. Hoping your move into the new place goes well and without incident. Very nice samples by the DT!

  3. I hope the fact that you're blogging from a hotel room means that you're somewhere having fun! Thanks for this super fun challenge. I was blessed to be able to play along, and always appreciate an opportunity to be considered.
    Blessings to you,
    Karen L

    P.S. I have some blog candy!

  4. I hope you get settled soon! It always takes a little while to get that feeling that a new place is your home. May that hotel have a pool for some summer fun too!
    Kindest regards,

  5. Thanks for a super fun challenge! I hope you are able to get settled in soon in your new place!

    Diana :)
    Leelee Card Designs

  6. Thank you so much for the FUN!
    Have a SUPER day!

  7. Hope all continues to go well with your move!

  8. Loved the inspiration! A fun challenge to go freestyle!!

  9. Thanks for offering this time to show off our stuff and blog from your hotel room... YOU ROCK! Thanks ;) Kathi


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