Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Design Team Delay

I'm so sorry but I had to go out of town unexpectedly.  My 16 year old son had a Arizona permit for 6 months making him eligible to get a drivers license right after moving here to California, but California regulations were going to make him take driving classes then wait another 6 months with professional training after that to get his licsense.  My husband will be deploying in November and my son goes to early morning seminary, 6AM, so I NEED him to drive.  Anyway, my husband told me he had Monday off so my son, the baby, and I headed back to Arizona.  There was no pressure on my son!  I told him if he didn't pass it would be a wasted trip and he would be in BIG trouble!  Off course, I wasn't completely serious, but still....

It was a terrible drive there.  We went through a haboob and a little rain.  We didn't see any stormy weather but as we got closer there was a storm that had just went through and roads were closed due to flash floods.  We drove through what seemed like a RIVER!!  It was very scary and dark, dark, dark!!  We made it, finally, and he passed!!  I'm still soooo tired from driving there and back in two days. 

Long story short..... 

I still haven't narrowed down the Design Team submissions.  I had planned on emailing those selected by the 11th but it looks like it will be the 14th.  Again, I'm so sorry for the delay.


  1. Life comes first. The delay will make it more exciting for those that applied for the position.

  2. Wow! I am from Maryland. My husband & I drove to AZ one time and I remember hitting a rain storm. Of course it was when I was driving. I never saw rain like that before! It doesn't rain like that here. I could not see the road at all! What is a haboob?

    Glad you are safe and congrats to your son for passing on the first try!


    1. A haboob is basically a big dust storm. And when you go through them you can't see ANYTHING but tan. Still not as scary as hitting that moving water and them realizing I had to through it all. Too late to turn back. In a civic no less!!


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