Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Winners on Wednesday!

Ok, so I know I said I would post weekly winners on the following Monday.  However, I've decided to change it to Wednesday, Winners on Wednesday!  One, I think the name is catchy.  Two, Monday's have just become impossible for me to do anything except household responsibilities and Tuesday's aren't much better with my husband working with Cub Scouts that night.  So Wednesday it is!

A little bad news, I am going to have to start combining weeks more often or even do a monthly giveaway every now and again.  Unfortunately some of the giveaways from sponsors are not been redeemed and who wants to offer giveaways that aren't claimed! 

But the challenges and the fun will keep on coming!

Sooooo, on with the winner!! Only one this time!!  See, I'm getting better already! LOL!

HIMCR #97 winner is .........

Yvonne from Adventure of the Creative Mind

Congrats Yvonne!  Please use the 'Contact Me' button to safely send me your shipping info.

Thanks to everyone who entered!  Be sure and check out this week's fun Technique Challenge!  I'll post some pictures tomorrow of what I've got so far!  It's a fun fun technique!

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  1. Congrats Yvonne!

    I think the once a week on the same day will work not only for you but also your viewers. One place and time to look for the winner's name will be helpful. I bet you'll get a better response from the winners, too.
    AND I LOVE the name. Winners on Wednesday is a great name and if Wednesdays are the best day for you they will be for us, too!
    Have you considered making a deadline for claiming prizes? Then you will know if you can put the prize up for another challenge or choose another winner from the other entries whichever works for you.
    Thank you for sharing your talent and for the fun challenges.
    I love getting my email alerts to let me know you have something new to share.


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