Thursday, June 27, 2013

HIMCR #102 Winner!

DANG! I'm a day late again!  However, I do have a pretty good excuse.  Tuesday night my six year old poked his eye with a toy and yesterday morning it was still really bothering him.  AND this particular child is NOT a big complainer so I knew something was up.  So after spending a few hours at the pediatrician and a few hours at the Ophthalmologist found out that he scratched his eye.  Poor kid!  Yesterday was such an ordeal for him. And now I have to put antibiotic drops in his eye 4 times a day. Glad it's over, now we just have to get that eye to heal.   We have to go back in a week to make sure it's healed and there is no scar tissue!

On to the winner!

The winner of the HIMCR#102 challenge is ......

Kim J from Kim's simply cards

Congrats Kim!  Please use the 'Contact Me' button to send me the email address you want me to use to send your prize!

Thanks so much for all the great Die Cuts entries!  We always have such a good turn out for that one!  I like it too!

This week's challenge is Wedding themed!  Super fun!  Be sure and check it out!  HERE!


  1. Hope your son eye is better soon! Poor kid, must of been pretty scary. My grandson has sight in only the one eye so we pray nothing ever happens to his good eye. Congrats to the winner.

  2. Ouch! It is always stressful when our loved ones go through something medical especially our kiddos. I am so glad he is on the mends. Take care!
    Congrats Kim!
    Thank you Laurie for my challenge #100 crafty bundle! Love it!


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