Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why I Won't be getting a Cricut Explore

Have you seen to new Cricut machine? It's called the Cricut Explore. It debuted on HSN about a week ago. It sells or rather sold on HSN for $299. It's now $350. You can watch the HSN video HERE. Or read more about it on Cricut.com. They will be available in stores on March 15th. It's a machine that you can cut your own images with, which is way cool and so new to the Cricut users especially after that lawsuit over third party software! Also, with a monthly subscription you can use the images on the new Cricut Design Space online program. How much is the monthly subsciption? $9.99! Which might not sound like a lot but that is $119.88 a year just to use your machine! It has a sleek new design with places to hold pens and tools. The Cricut Explore will write and cut or emboss and cut at the same time, which is awesome. It will cut a lot of different materials. However, I don't think it cuts anything more than what my Cricut machines will cut using the deep cut blade. It also, supposedly, cuts with new precision. I actually hope this one is not true because I have the older machines and would love to have that update for them!

I think a lot of people will love this machine. And now that Cricut has coverted all the Cameo users and all those that want the freedom to design with a computer, maybe, just maybe now they can get back to some of their loyal customers, customers that have been with them for YEARS and spent THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, that like to use the machines we already have and just want them to stay upgraded (not discontinued) with maybe a new feature now and again! PLEASE!

Reason why I won't be getting the new Cricut Explore:

1. I don't want to be tied to a computer. This machine will not cut ANYTHING without a computer and with an internet connection. You have to use their Design program. I know many of you design your own images and use JPEGs and such and do I but I like to have the choice of where I work. I bought the Cricut because I didn't want to be tied to a computer. In fact, that was their selling pitch! I like to take my Cricut machine to crops or have my crafty friends over and bring it to the kitchen so everyone can use it. My 9 year old will even do this with her friends. We love using our machines anywhere!

2. While you can use all your Cricut cartridge images you have to link them with the Cricut Design Space Program and use them, again, online. ONLY ONLINE! Yes, that is right! The little port on the machine is for LINKING ONLY! Granted if you have linked them already with Cricut Craft Room they are supposed to transfer over as soon as you make your new Design account using the same sign in as your Cricut Craft Room account.

3. Speaking of Cricut Craft Room! It seems like they just barely got that up and running or at least I remembered it took FOREVER with many delays. My machines are able to be hooked up to a computer why can't I use them with the new Design Space Program? I think I just feel like as a previous customer I've been forgotten! So why would I want to buy a new machine that might be dropped or forgotten in a couple of years.

4. I've read too many GREAT reviews about the Cameo that sells for around the same price, actually a little less than the Explore! I don't own a Cameo as I still have an old version of the orginal Expression and can use SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) with it. When it dies, who knows???? It will depend on the Cricut Explore users reviews and the price.

5. Speaking of price! Cricut machines go down in price within months of their debut! I bought the Expression 2 the original night at $350 and now you can get it any day of the week for about $170! OUCH!! I understand prices go down and I LOOOOOOVE my Cricut Expression 2 and would recommend it but it's price seemed to go down VERY quickly! Not an investment I'm willing to make again! I did get a Cricut Imagine, never even been used, but I got it brand new for $125! Sorry to all those who bought it for $450!!! If it makes you feel any better, I also bought the Gypsy, first day they were available for $350 and I think you can get those for around $90 now! Please don't tell my husband! :)

6. I think I'm just frankly refusing to buy another machine until I get some updates on the previous ones that indeed have the capabilities of being updated! I mean, the orginal Expression has TWO empty buttons! It was DESIGNED for updates, has the ability to update, so why not update it!!! I should say here that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Cricut machines! I love my catridges! I have a bunch! And continue to buy them! Maybe with this new cartridge free machine they will get even cheaper! :) Although maybe they will discontinue cartridges all together like they have with their other items: Imagine, Cricut Cake, and Gypsy. They are already using the phrase 'No more need for cartridges' to sell this new machine! :(

7. Think about how excited you might be, getting the New Cricut Explore and the use of the new images on the Design Space (of course for 9.99 a month) only to find out in a couple of years or sooner that they aren't adding any new designs or they have a brand new Design AREA that now requires you to get a NEW machine to use with it because your Cricut Explore will not work with the brand new Design AREA! Sound frustrating? Well, I guess that is how I am feeling!

Please feel free to leave a comment! You don't have to agree with me! In fact, if you have the Explore weather you love it or hate it, tell us about it! You can even try to change my mind! But good luck! LOL!!


  1. Just to update you on the subscription. You do not have to buy the subscription to use Design Space. After all the loyal customers made a real big stink about it, they now say you can cut your svgs, your cartridges you already own, for free. There is an option to buy single images, a monthly or a yearly subscription. I did not purchase the Explore as I have the E2 and a Cameo (which I love, love, love!). Thanks for your blog post about it and I agree with you completely. Just wanted to get the right information out there. Have a great day! :)

  2. I will not be purchasing the explore for mostly the reasons you stated above. I experienced very poor customer service after 2 of my 3 machines decided to have issues within a couple of weeks of each other. I phoned and was told that even though I had invested money in the 3 machines and 90+ cartridges that the machines are "disposable". This is not acceptable. A lot of folks had put a lot of time and effort into support Cricut and Provocraft. They shot theirselves in the foot a long time ago by not allowing you to create except with their product. I am so happy to say that my new silhouette cameo does everything I could ever dream of. Good luck to those who do purchase the explore. PC just keeps creating machines and not remembering the folks who supported them for so long. Its about not leaving your loyal customers behind PC! Thanks for your input on the EXPLORE and why you won't be purchasing one!

  3. I will not be purchasing the explore for mostly the reasons you stated above. I experienced very poor customer service after 2 of my 3 machines decided to have issues within a couple of weeks of each other. I phoned and was told that even though I had invested money in the 3 machines and 90+ cartridges that the machines are "disposable". This is not acceptable. A lot of folks had put a lot of time and effort into support Cricut and Provocraft. They shot theirselves in the foot a long time ago by not allowing you to create except with their product. I am so happy to say that my new silhouette cameo does everything I could ever dream of. Good luck to those who do purchase the explore. PC just keeps creating machines and not remembering the folks who supported them for so long. Its about not leaving your loyal customers behind PC! Thanks for your input on the EXPLORE and why you won't be purchasing one!

  4. You hit the nail on the head with your comments about why not to buy the new Cricut. I totally agree that updates to loyal customers would have been more appropriate. I'll not be buying the new one either. The cost is too high & mine works fine. I do like the fact that it has built in settings but not the fact that you have to be connected to the computer to use it.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

    1. I have Cricut explore. I cut straight from my iPad. I just paid $20 for the Bluetooth adapter. I can also cut off my computer without being connected. I don't have a subcription. I cut images I find and background burn photos. I create layered images in Inkscape and save them as sag to use in design space. I bought new cartridges from between $6-$14 on eBay. I have heard the silhouette is noisier then the explore, cuts faster, but with less accuracy on smaller objects, at which point it may skip holes. Design space is super easy to use and I created a layered card from scratch and got Around layering glitter iron on. There's much more variety of pens for it and it cuts more materials then the silhouette, which does not have a deep cut blade, and you much manayally adjust blade depth and pressure settings. Not just turning a dial to what you're cutting. I wouldn't trade my explore for anything and I only paid $130 for it brand new.

    2. Can I ask where you were able to find it for that price? I'm interested

    3. Can I ask where you were able to find it for that price? I'm interested

    4. I have the same question?!?!?
      Where for that price?

    5. I noticed no one has answered you yet. I have seen on posts recently, that some people have purchased at Menards or other hardware chains. I believe Joann has also had them online inexpensive. I have 2 and would buy a 3rd if needed. There is no comparison to the old machines, and I have all of them. The management is different, Customer Service is amazing, the CEO answers on FB pages, personally. Its different. Do not fear this company any longer.

    6. The cricut website has AMAZING deals on the explore one and explore air right now because they rolled out the faster explore air two. The explore is way more accurate than my expression 2, and there are A LOT of accessories that expand this machine's capabilities even further. While i can understand the frustration of wanting updates to the machine you already have, i also understand that that's how electronics/technology evolve. Eventually, outdated machines stop getting attention because the product has improved so there is no need to keep updating am old one. Just like with phone/computer/car/etc. companies, the focus will always be on the next "better" product. If you are satisfied with the machine you have, by all means, keep using it-just know that you might miss out on some really cool features. I'd say it's worth the trade off of not being able to use your cartridges without a device connected (wirelessly or corded) to have the benefits and upgraded features of the new machine.

    7. The cricut website has AMAZING deals on the explore one and explore air right now because they rolled out the faster explore air two. The explore is way more accurate than my expression 2, and there are A LOT of accessories that expand this machine's capabilities even further. While i can understand the frustration of wanting updates to the machine you already have, i also understand that that's how electronics/technology evolve. Eventually, outdated machines stop getting attention because the product has improved so there is no need to keep updating am old one. Just like with phone/computer/car/etc. companies, the focus will always be on the next "better" product. If you are satisfied with the machine you have, by all means, keep using it-just know that you might miss out on some really cool features. I'd say it's worth the trade off of not being able to use your cartridges without a device connected (wirelessly or corded) to have the benefits and upgraded features of the new machine.

  5. Thanks for all the details about the Explore. I'm quite happy with my cricut expression and the multiple cartridges I have and will not be moving on to the Explore. I appreciate all the time it took you to write your blog post.
    :) Marie

  6. I agree with everything you said! I don't even want the Expression 2 as my friend has it and she has trouble with it all the time.

    I still love love love my Gypsy!
    Use it all the time.

    I am frustrated with the "points" they "offer". I fill in the form with the 90+ points each time I get a new cartridge, but there hasn't even been anything new or available in like a year!

    What are companies like Close to My Heart supposed to do? They just came out with 3 cartridges that you can only buy through them.

    I agree they need to remember and think about updates and loyal customers!

  7. I, too, bought the Cricut and paid a bundle, around $350.00 and then I bought the Imagine for $500.00, or at least hubby did for a Xmas present. Then I went ahead and bought the Gypsy and never used it. I have around 70 cartridges, some used regularly and some "never". Also, have 4000 unclaimed reward points that has nothing that I want on it. So I am stuck with that.Now I bought a Cameo Design Edition and won a Portrait, too. I use that one ALL the time even though I still am not familiar with all its qualities, but I do love it. And you were right, I spent thousands of dollars on Cricut and accessories and they sit there doing nothing. I, too, feel the need for an update. And I will never buy the Cricut Explore. Too much money and they too will expire someday soon.And don't tell hubby about this either. This is just my opinion.

    Dianne Bell - Sewpro02@aol.com

  8. There really is nothing left to say, Laurie, you nailed it completely. Those are the same reasons I won't invest in another cricut machine. I too bought an Imagine (Black Friday Sale at Walmart) and some cartridges to go with it after that and now I've had it up for sale for months and can't get rid of it. I think I may have used 2 or 3 times. Also, since I got my new computer with windows 8, cricut support told me that they can't guarantee that cricut craft room will work with my Imagine. I have a cricut expression and love it. I have 86 cartridges and the Design Studio - very frustrating that the new cartridges can no longer be linking to DS. They change their machines and programs every couple of years and you sit with thousands of dollars worth of investment and can't do much with it. Very frustrating!!!!
    Lena’s Creations

  9. Hello, I won't be giving Provo Craft any more of my money. I started to become unhappy with the company after purchasing my gypsy. I was part of the Cricut Circle. Then I purchased the E2 and after a year had the internal blade control break and was told there's no way to fix it. I have to purchase a new machine. I've owned over 200 cartridges that I've linked to a Gypsy that won't stay charged and my only back up is to link them to the Craft Room. Will that be up forever? Will we always have access to our content? The company has become to wishy-washy for me to continue to invest money into their products. I want to know that the content I've purchased is mine and that I will always have use of it and can use it when and where I want to. I don't like having to be on the internet to do what I want.

    1. I agree! I am disgusted that I purchased the gypsy which has black screened and apparently that is common. They want almost two hundred dollars to fix it?! And I synced most of my catridges to it so they're lost forever for another device. I am also unhappy with the customer service at Provocraft. They wouldn't accept my rewards from brand new purchases and didn't even respond to my email. The only reason I needed to use the rewards was because it was the only place to find the charger for my gypsy which failed. I have thousands invested in that company. I should have bought stock instead of product!

  10. Oh Laurie you could not have said this any better. Cricut is a thing of the past.. They can nor will they EVER compare to the Silhouette.

    As long as they want to hold us HOSTAGE they will continue to lose customers. I would be willing to bet this new Explore will be obsolete within a 2 year time frame. Shoot they have came out with 5 machines in less than 5 years.

    Have a creative day.
    Hugs Nana
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    1. I'd say it's been 2 years and the Explore is not obsolete!!!! Just saying... lol ;)

    2. I had original small Cricut, then the Expression. Gave first to a daughter then sold second one. About a year later sold second one. Saw Silhouette and bought one. Had for three months, saw review on Explore sold Silhouette and never looked back. Love my new machine.

  11. Provo Craft has discontinued too many of the products I own for me to be willing to invist any more money with them. I don't know if I am even willing to purchase any new cartridges.
    I really prefer using Design Studio rather than CCR but the new carts won't work with DS and I can no longer transfer projects between DS and CCR.
    Provo Craft doesn't support any of the products they discontinue and they no longer sell ink for my Imagine.
    I have at least a couple thousand dollars worth of their products and feel that they should still support thier older products, after all they cost a LOT of money. Evidently they don't make enough money on our cartridge, mat and blade purchases so they are now trying once again to gouge us for items that will become obselete in a couple of years.

  12. I won't be buying one until the price comes way down. I do like that you can cut your own fonts ans svgs for free. You do need a computer but that opens up a whole new world. Really, CCR is not any harder than Design Studio. I wish the demos were a little better and really show HOW to make things.


  13. OMG Laurie,
    You took the words right out of my mouth. I was just on Joy's blog expressing that I will not be purchasing this machine for all the reasons you mentioned. Especially the waste and the fear of it becoming obsolete like all the other products. I feel awful for all those that have spent so much. I bought the CE2 Limited(so they said)for 350.00 @ HSN and then saw it again about 3 months later for 269.00 W/wifi drive included. the thing is I hardly ever use it. I am not a big technical person and always go back to what is simple and familiar, which is my Cricut Expression. My daughter gave it to me for Christmas. She purchased it Black Friday a few years back. It is as if they feel the need to trick us into buying the products. So sad! Thanks Laurie, for taking the time to inform us and for letting us express what is on our minds.

  14. I wish I reply to coments! Thank you all soooo much for the support. I was hestitant to even write this post because I didn't want to sound negative.

    to Sherry B: I do state in my post that you have to have a subscription to use the IMAGES, the make it now stuff, on Design Space which is correct. If you have different inforamtion please share but that is my understanding. It is free to upload and use your own images and your cartridges images. However, in the beginning there was going to be a subscription to use it at all but the CEO changed it. How nice of him!

  15. I am one of those consumers that bought my expression 2, gypsy, imagine because I did not want to be tied down to a computer. That was also the selling point for the gypsy as well design on the go--which... is what they are using now for the cricut explore. I really like my gypsy and I like many others bought my gypsy when it first debuted. I would love for PC to come up with an updated version of the gypsy and I have told them so every time I call. I would definitely purchase another version of the gypsy especially if it incorporated color.

    BTW..where can I purchase that gypsy for 90.00 I would love to have a back up? Thanks for this forum and this venting session.

  16. Hi Laurie and thank you for saying what most of us, whoend are not buying the explore, are thinking. I agree with all of your comments and just want to add that, at least for me, these are tough times financially and watching where I spend my money is very important. I added the costs of investing in the new Cricut Explorer and after I included the monthly fees, a new computer, one I can take to crops and friends house, and the price of the machine; I'm up to approximately $1000 already. The cricut expression I owned does the work I need to do. Thank you!
    Once again thank you.

  17. I have a Cameo and love it. I won't buy another Cricut after the bad customer service experience I had with them a few years ago. I sold my Cricut and all the cartridges and never looked back.

  18. I'm right there with you. I actually sold off most of my Cricut cartridges(I kept about a dozen that I used frequently) over a year ago, and then I just got a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas this year. I'll never buy another Cricut. I've just started learning how to use my Cameo and I can do more on it than I ever did with the Cricut. Now I just need to buy the Designer Edition of the Silhouette Studio software. :-)

  19. Wow I'm glad to see that I am not the only one feeling that way. If I invest in any future machine I will buy the Brother scan and cut. I won't need a computer or a cartridge. I dislike that about the only way you can buy any of the cartridges these days is on-line. I have the cricut expression and the Gypsy and about 70 cartridges. I am also one of those that had bought the Design studio which is totally worthless these days. If they want my business they should take my design studio back and replace it with a few free cartridges. We work hard for our money and we invest in tools that we expect will be around for many years like a washing machine but all they do is sell you on one and in a few months have a new one to sell you. I'm mad as heck about it. Thank you for taking a chance and writing about it. We are with you in agreement.

  20. I got my Explore a couple of weeks ago and LOVE it. I was a PC hater, but this machine has been worth it. PC will probably screw up something, but I have no regrets on the purchase. It cuts circles and intricate cuts beautifully..even down to 2.5 inches when I did a test cut.

    I don't mind being connected to a computer. I don't have to save designs and then manually move them over to another computer now. I have SCAL3 and MTC and the Explore imports them with ease.

    I'm not trying to sell you on the product, but PC has really upped their quality on this machine. I also have a Cameo which I love, but I'm thinking I love this more.

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  21. Thanks for the very clear review. I actually got upset when I saw the new model... I love my expression, but also got the Imagine for Christmas and my husband paid full price... I have about 6 cartridges but have barely used the Imagine.... even tried to by mats for it which are impossible to find! Found some on the Cricut website yet they shipped me Expression mats instead and when I contacted them they said they did not have Imagine mats and did not know when they would have any.... never heard of a company that decides to ship you a different item that you ordered!!!SO I have a $500 machine that is Worth a few dollars now and no mat to use... I do have a friend that went and got the Sillouette and loves it! If I can get a few $ for my Imagine I think I will buy one as well!

  22. I have an E2 and the regular E with the SCAL software, but I do not know how to use the E to cut my own images or how to purchase/use SVG files. I would be very grateful if someone would be willing to help me out. I just can't afford either an Explore or Cameo. Would love a Cameo though. Any and all help is very much appreciated! My email is bunnee36@aol.com. Thanks, Belinda

  23. I as someone who does not own a Cricut will likely buy this version. I am not sure why some of the critiques relate to using a pc with internet connection. This is the way to go for the future. Alot easier and the majority of us would never consider this an issue in 2014. I personally am in my late 50s and do not have one friend or relation who does not use the internet, so no issue. The subscription for a year is also great. As someone who uses normal dies for my two other machines I will save a fortune. However the main reason I would consider buying this is alot of the limitations of former cricut machines seem to have been dealt with.

    I never bought a cricut machine before due to these limitations. This new machine also uses images from my pc. This was one of the previous limitations. This machine also seems to be far more user friendly. If you feel the pc and internet limitation is not right for you fine. However companies always introduce facilities with new machines that are attractive to new buyers.

    I for the first time ever after watching cricut machines for years am finally tempted to buy. They have moved on.

    Well done Cricut I think this move will get you a whole new customer base.

  24. Hi and thanks for your post and to the others who commented. After much research and thought, I have just purchased the Explore and am waiting for it to arrive. I also have the orig Expression, Gypsy, and a Silhouette Portrait. I LOVE my Portrait but it can't cut 12x12.So many paper crafting projects are designed for 12x12 so I was going to get a Cameo or the new Explore. I decided on the Explore because I have 70+ cartridges and like what CDS has to offer. However, I am going in with open eyes. One thing no one mentioned is that a subscription gives you access to their non-licensed content(so forget about Disney, Hello Kitty, Sponge Bob, etc), but you don't own anything. So after investing in subscription fees, you will have nothing to show for it when you stop subscribing. Also if Provo ever goes out of business or can't recover data after a problem, all your electronically purchased content will be poof! and the Explore will be a big old paperweight. You can't even cut .svg without CCR so truly without that and their servers, it's a big hunk of junk. All that said, I am impressed with their Make It Now projects and the wireless option. If they truly live up to their claim that they will add print and cut, the Explore will be pretty cool. I'll still be buying cassettes so my investments won't disappear and because I have so many cartridges, I don't really need the subscription. Still, I may subscribe for a month occasionally or when there's something I really want to make and I don't have the images. Keep your eyes peeled as I think they will be phasing out cartridges all together eventually. Before people figure this out, cartridges will go down in price because of CCR and you're already seeing that now. Buy while you can because the prices will go up when they become scarce! I know eventually I'll want new content not offered on cartridges. I'll have to figure out what to do when we get to that point. Happy crafting!!

  25. I have to say I am a bit disappointed with my Cricut Expression 2. Immediately after the warranty expired the cable connection inside the Cricut fell apart. While my very expensive machine works still with the cartridges I cannot connect the cord to my computer to do any upgrades or use the craft room which is really why I bought it. I was told by Cricut that it can't be fixed. I was thinking I really wanted the Explorer as there are some really nice features but I go to many crops with no internet so I would be dead in the water. Not to mention what if the connection port breaks in the explorers? Are you out the whole machine? I'm now seriously looking at a Silhouette Cameo.

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  27. I have to say I am a bit disappointed with my Cricut Expression 2. Immediately after the warranty expired the cable connection inside the Cricut fell apart. While my very expensive machine works still with the cartridges I cannot connect the cord to my computer to do any upgrades or use the craft room which is really why I bought it. I was told by Cricut that it can't be fixed. I was thinking I really wanted the Explorer as there are some really nice features but I go to many crops with no internet so I would be dead in the water. Not to mention what if the connection port breaks in the explorers? Are you out the whole machine? I'm now seriously looking at a Silhouette Cameo.

  28. You are so right. You really should buy a Silhouette. I own every Cricut up until this last one and own every cartridge that they have put out, I've probably spent $10,000 pr maybe $15,000 on Cricut since the beginning and I'll tell you, I've never enjoyed the Cricuts (I have 4 plus the gypsy) like I do the silhouette, I make what I want when I want. If I need cut files, and don't want to create them, they have a store and you can pick out whatever image you want for as little as 8 cents if you get a subscription, and then you can modify the image all you want, I love to personalize my projects. I Love It! Yes it does take a computer but I just set mine up on my laptop and away I go, I have never looked back I use it just about every day and every image you buy is always there should I lose my computer I can download again, there's just no downside that I have found. My biggest problem with Cricut was always that I could only cut the images that they gave me, I like delicate, totally girly images and when I would buy a cartridge there were only so many images that would fit my personality and the rest is just crap. But with the Silhouette I can pick out images that fit my personality, no crap. Love it, sorry for the long rant, but I've been irritated for along time with Cricut, the clearly don't care about their customers, the start things like build the imagine and sell it and then it's like (oh we'll, we're over it, so you have this expensive machine and they no longer make cartridges for it. And it's just going we'll is a door stop after awhile because you can't find ink for it or new cartridges, and what a scam cricut circle was and is. And Cricut rewards is another one, I personally have 5000 points but what can I spend them on??? I have the Cartridges they offer so what do I do, no new cartridges being made so I'm screwed there. Silhouette never sends me down those avenues. They have done exactly what they promise. Really Really worth it to switch

  29. I need some advice...I really want a cricut machine. Which one would you buy? I want to cut fabric and do iron on transfers...will the expressions 2 do all that? Thank you!

  30. Love your article! I'm brand new to cricut and the explore is what I bought. I really liked that you reviewed its limitations. It was helpful for me as to how I can use my explore more. As of now I'm using it to cut fabric for applique patterns. Regular blade and housing with only Heat n Bond light for the stabilizer. I watched a terrific you tube video on the cutting with the explore. I learned that very small, very detailed cuts won't work. The explore will come in handy for my quilting needs, I do hope they keep the design space so my machine does not go obsolete. I bought the explore then read this. Had I done the reverse, I might have been calling cricut and asking them about the design space staying around awhile. Too late now! :-)

  31. Add me to the long list of people never purchasing anything from ProvoCraft again! I am selling my Cricut Expression 2 and never looking back. They are simply churning their customers by creating new toys to play with with no regard or responsibility to support the products already purchased. This poorly devised business model will be the company's undoing.

  32. Thanks for your post. I found this while trying to decide between a Cricut explore and the Silhouette Cameo. It's difficult to find objective comparisons. A friend has a Cameo (and loves it) but I wasn't sure after hearing about the explore. Guess I'm a little confused.

  33. I have the expression and gypsy and only around 20 cartridges. I was told the cameo is excellent but decided to look into the Cricut Craft Room but I can't upload my gypsy linked cartridges. Am disappointed in Provocraft and am seriously thinking of selling all my stuff. I have spent too much money to procrastinate any longer. I may buy the cameo in October at the next craft show. No-one's gonna want to buy my cricut only to have the same problems.

  34. Thank you for this post. I have 2 cricut machines and was excited over the new one, only to find out I would not be able to use ALL my cartridges because they are linked with my gypsy. :(
    Well, I guess cricut just lost another customer.

    1. I have the Expression, Gypsy, Design Space, Explore, Design Space and over 25 cartriges all loaded on the Gypsy and can use all my cartridges on all my machines and software including Craft Room. I have a pc computer not a Mac and everything works great including doing upgrades. I am using Windows 10.1 on my laptop and Cricut is bringing out an Android version for Design Space so I'll also be able to use my tablet. Although Design Space is cloud based this may be changed so you will be able to store on your own computer. Love the Explore. I have never had problems with any of my equipment and when I have had any questions I have had excellent customer service. I live in Canada.

    2. If I link my gypsy to the craft room can I still use my gypsy.?

  35. This was an interesting read and brings up good points about the flaws provocraft has had in creating their machines.

    I was one of those crazies that bought the Explore this summer and truthfully just this last week sat down to play. I have the gypsy and many cartridges. It took me half the day to get everything loaded and running but it is amazing! I am so excited now to be able to print from the cartridges that I own and THEN cut them.

    I have always loved my original cricut but it would eat up paper while I figured out just what pressure, size, etc to use. But this new machine makes that so much easier. It makes it worth the while to actually use this machine often and in far more ways than I ever used my original machine.

    I do not know much about the Silhouette but once you invest the time to get the gypsy linked up to your account you do have access to all the cartridge images that you bought. The Explore cuts much cleaner and faster and is so much easier to use than the old cricut machine.

    I am excited to continue to craft with the Explore and good luck to others as you figure out the right machine for you!

  36. Hi. I enjoyed reading your post. I read most of the comments but my alarm went off telling me its almost time to get off the computer (have to set one or I'll be here all day and miss work lol)

    Anyhow… I went to the CHA when they came out with the very first Cricut. I had a store then and sold them. While they were too expensive to stock… every time I got one in they flew off the shelves, including the cartridges. I have quite a few cartridges myself. When the Expression came out… I bought it. When the Gypsy came out… I bought it. When the Imagine came out I swore I wouldn't buy it… But I did. LOL. And I loved each and every one of them. I did start having issues with mine. When the E2 Anniversary Edition came out again… swore I wouldn't get it and I did. I actually had it for a while and then something happened and they had to replace it. (by then they had no more of that edition and I got replaced with a regular E2) Had to have my Imagine replaced at the same time. When the Explore came out I was adamant this time that I would not get it. Not necessarily for the reasons you stated but merely for the fact that my E2 does everything. I was a beta tester for Cricut Craft Room and oh how I love it. I even have some YouTube videos on how to use it. (its surprising how many people have these machines and they've never used them)

    Ok… so then I played with the Cricut Design Space. And I LOVE it. If I had never used it I'd have been fine with never owning the Explore. I still don't have one but now I seriously want one. It does frustrate me to no end that I spent any money on font cartridges and now Explore users can use any font on their computer. ANd…. as you pointed out… I don't like the idea of being stuck on a computer. However… I won't get rid of my E2 anyhow.

    I have NEVER used or touched or even seen any of the other machines in action. I've remained loyal to Cricut since the beginning. HOWEVER… my frustration with them is wearing thin. I agree with you whole heartedly. I do love my money and I spent a lot of money on it and the cartridges I own. So its frustrating that I can't get anymore. What happens when I run out of ink? Is that going to be continued to be sold?

  37. Sorry… One more thing. THis is how I found your blog. I was doing a search this morning trying to figure out something about my Cricut Craft Room account and Imagine cartridges and yours was one of the blogs that popped up in my search.

    I haven't used my CCR for a long time. YEsterday I got my computer all hooked up and my new craft room set up and I got on there. I have SEVENTEEN new cartridges linked to my account. That's a lot. Does anyone know whats up with that? I think they are almost all Imagine cartridges. Did they make some of them free due to it being discontinued? I don't want to ask Cricut because honestly… I want to use them and if they are there by mistake I don't want them to take them. LOL… I know… bad aint I? But hey… loyal customer from the beginning and spent TONS of money on them. lol


  38. Well, I bought the,Explore. I like how it cuts very much. I do like the Desin Space as it is so colorful. I feel like I have rediscovered many of my older cartridges. I have bought a few single images and 2 or 3 digital cartridges. That is all fine.
    My problem has been that I have had and continue to have issues with the site kicking me off. I have spent months trying to get it to work. PC has pretty much just given up on me and that really upsets me.
    I haven't returned it because when I am able to use it without problems (not often enough) I really do like it.
    -I like so much about it.

    ONLINE is good and helpful, but it is also way too limiting.
    When the Internet goes down or the site doesn't let me stay on, this expensive machine becomes useless. I also cannot use it on the go. -Grrr!

    And besides, we don't always want or need to design something, sometimes just cutting an image from our cartridges is enough.

    This machine would be the best machine around if they had not taken away the option of using our cartridges straight on the machine (like with the Expression).
    -It could have been...
    I'm sure an update could take care of that...hint hint

    I don't understand why they had to change that. ??? I know so many people who will not buy this machine only for this reason : Online based only.
    And they just don't get that so many of us feel this way.

    But, again, when it all works smoothly, I really do like it.

    I may try the Sillouette Cameo so many crafters/designers are talking about.

    Please Stop discontinuing products we have paid so much for!!! Support us as we support you!

    Not all "technical" advances are good when you take away what was already working so well. It's ok to add options, but it is not good when you take away what worked so well for us for so long. Don't be so controlling and give us some creative room to express our own creativity. Trust me... us -your sales would really increase!

    But, again, when it all works smoothly for me, I do really like it! It cuts so clean and down to the smallest detail. -"when" it works, though...

    I am hoping that the next update helps with the existing issues. (I was told there is one coming up in about a week.)

    I do want to thank them for at least allowing us, who had bought the Imagine, the ability to use those cartridges with the Explore for free on Design Space (with the Print then Cut). I thank them for that.

    So, in conclusion, I do really like my Explore when it works. I have been able to design/cut some lovely items.

    Happy crafting to you all...

  39. I I agree with everything you said. I have been burned by Provo too many times. Love my Silhouette.

  40. You are able to use sure cuts a lot with your cricut expressions 2??? I have that and then got sure cuts a lot and was devastated when I was told it wouldn't work :-( but if you got it tk work do you have a secret???? 😃😃😃😃

  41. Hi - I found your blog because I'm looking for another cutting machine. I'm still using my original 12" Cricut! I LOVE IT, but it's starting to get some hiccups in it's cutting. So, I need to get a replacement. You've talked me out of the Explore. What is better, the Expression or E2?? I'm hoping to get something on Cyber Monday, tomorrow.

  42. Debbie Kerns, just to say that al the cutting machines have their pros and cons. I have the Cricut Exlpore, and although I have had issues with it, i do love it.
    The negatives: you cannot use your cartridges straight on the machine; you have to link them to Design Space (online software required to use Design Space).
    You always have to be connected to the Internet and use a computer to use it.
    (When the Internet is down, well, you won't be able to use it at all.)
    However, the Design Space is very easy to use and very colorful. This offers greater visualization for your project. I like it very much.

    Positives: it cuts intricate images beautifully! I can design my own projects and cut them. I can use ALL the Imagine cartridges WITH MY EXPLORE machine (using the print then cut feature. Can write then cut (I use this to make my bookmarks. Can cut paper (like printer paper) - I use this to make some of my flowers.

    Yes, there are some negatives, but is there really a totally perfect machine out there that does every single thing we'd like to do just the very way we'd like it to be done? I haven't found it yet, but this one comes pretty close.
    As far as price goes, shop around before you buy and find out what their return policy is before you buy.

    If you already have the Expression, maybe you can get the Explore and keep your Expression as a back up. That's what I did, and I have had to use it when my internet wasn't working or the DS site kept kicking me off.
    -I would never get rid of my Expression,
    -But I wouldn't say not to buy the Explore...it can do so much more.

    And, yes, the Imagine was not their best product and many of us were let down, but If you registered your machine, you can now use all the carts for free on the Explore using the Print then Cut feature.
    Thanks for cutting us a break ProvoCraft. -Now I don't feel like we totally got taken on that buy.

    As for ProvoCraft, yes, sometimes I do think they are a bit too controlling, and if they hadn't changed the ability to use the carts straight the machine, or imposed an online based only software, they would have had the perfect machine.
    It's not perfect but it is darn good. I am glad I own one.

    I wish you lots of happy crafting time with whichever machine you buy.

    Walmart has it for $199 and its a dependable store to buy from. Just check their return policies in case you need to return it.


  43. I was given the cricut expressions 2 as a gift, and by the time I got around to using it, They had released the explore. Im stuck with a very limited machine. I have to buy their cartridges and use their software, which is very slow. What good is a cutting machine when it takes such a long time to find images, resize, get cut settings right, etc. When we can use the silloutte cameo to cut full designs, without the headache? We can buy someone's designs and be done with that part before finding our first image on cricuts ridiculously slow craftroom. We are expected to through away a $300 machine just because they had a better idea? Why couldn't they give us a purchase option for the right to use our own designs? Of course it's possible to do this, because it was their own update that revoked this capability, after the lawsuit to sure cuts a lot. Its simply a ploy to screw us over. Why not allow us to purchase a software they create that allows us to cut our own designs? $50 per expression customer, and less would move to cameo. It would also show customers that provocraft gives a little consideration for the time, loyalty, and money we spend with them. If a computer company made their products with no backwards or forwards compatible capabilities, we would never buy from them, so why should we allow provocraft to treat us this way. Provocraft is worse than cable companies. They don't appreciate their customers at all. They should offer a software update or product to allow the expression 2 to be usable. They should also offer a credit for expression 1 and 2 to be traded in to go on the new machine. Something, anything, to show us some decency.

  44. Hi everyone! I thought I would leave a comment from maybe a different perspective. I have owned an Expression, Expression 2 (never liked it and gave it to my daughter-in-law), an Imagine (loved the concept), a Gypsy, about 200 cartridges…and a Silhouette Cameo. My Gypsy was useful for on-the-go design, searching images, saving designs and all of my cartridges were linked to it. I loved my Expression. Never could get in to Cricut Craft Room. And I love, love, love my Cameo. I thought it cut so detailed and smoothly. And then I got the Explore 10 months ago. With all of my investment in cartridges, all of the marketing videos and the reviews - I decided to give PC one more try. I put my Expression in my craft room closet…just knowing I would pull it out again…right next to all of my cartridges and their books and overlays. I put the Explore next to my Silhouette on my desk. And by the way, I was used to working online because that is what I had to do with the Silhouette. I always work at home in my craft room anyway unless we are off in our RV. With the Silhouette I just waited until I got home. Well, let me tell you…I did those first couple of training type of projects that came with the Explore and I almost cried. Quick and quiet…fine. But the cuts - OMG. My Expression didn't even come remotely close. So I decided to put my Silhouette to the test. I did some similar cuts - intricate and swirly and small - on the two machines. The Explore outperformed the Silhouette - the difference was significant although not as significant as the difference with the Expression. I still kept the Expression in the closet. Then, PC came out with the promised print and cut. I decided to, for the first time, buy a printer for my craft room. We have always had one in our office, but the last time I printed something and cut it was on my Imagine. I calibrated the Explore simple following the instructions in Design Space as it walked me through. I decided, for the first time, to set up my Silhouette for print and cut as well. I did a print and cut on each. The Silhouette result had white showing around the edge (yuck) and once again the cut wasn't as smooth as the Explore. the Explore image, while quite detailed, had not one speck of white on the edge AND the cut was butter smooth. Print and cut of your own jpg, svg, png? One step on the Explore and a big, huge pain on the Silhouette. The print and cut was a fantastic feature added to a machine I had already purchased - didn't cost me a single penny more! AND I can take Cricut images meant to cut and layer and flatten them into print and cut images! Any image! Not so on the Silhouette! Many people think you have to waste paper on the Explore. That it wants you to load a mat for every layer. Nope. You can drag everything onto the same layer, put scraps on your mat, drag the image bits to the correct color…and use your mat and scraps just like most or all of us did on our Expression. I'll never lose a project if my computer dies because they aren't on my computer. If my house burns down (heaven forbid) my cartridge investment is safely uploaded and still usable. Yeah - my Silhouette is sill on the desk. But it is moved to the side. My Expression? In a box in the garage ready for the next garage sale. My cartridges? Stored in the garage as well, along with my Gypsy…just in case my daughter-in-law wants it. And my Explore? Pretty and proud, right next to my computer, my printer and all of my card stock! I wouldn't change it at all!

  45. I loved the more balanced comments of Kathryn C.! I too have had a Cricut Expression, good machine but took up space I didn't have. It spent a lot of time on a high shelf. I eventually sold it and MANY cartridges on Ebay to purchase my Silhouette Cameo. A real space and money saver. Love it! Love their software even more. And the ability to import and/design images AND save them forever to my personal library... That is best of all. I just purchased the Cricut Explore. It took me 2 days to figure out the software and make 2 cards. The software is so "simple" that I kept looking for more buttons and functions. I do think the tool bar should have an insert basic shapes and cut image function instead of retrieving the shapes and having to stack shapes to "slice" them. Now to the real point...the Cricut Explore cuts paper, vellum, craft, chipboard, etc like butter! I was ready to send it back due to the cost, $229 for a bundle PLUS the $9.99/month OR $99/year for the image subscription. In addition you don't OWN the images you use from the library. You have access to them! I don't want to take the time to download EVERY image I need, no matter how simple...i.e. a rectangle, from google. So unless you are going to import EVERYTHING you need, each individually...one at a time...and design from scratch the cost of ownership is quite high. But as I get to know the software and even some of it's designing limitations, I have decided I'll put up with a lot for its incredible cutting ability.

    By the way you can design on an iPad on BOTH the Cameo & the Explore using a screen mirroring program called Splashtop.

  46. Hubby bought me the Explore for Christmas, I had an Expression. I love how easy it is to use with Design Space. I don't have to figure our layers, pressure, blade depth, etc. It cuts beautifully and I can print and cut, score and cut, and write and cut so much easier than my Expression. I don't mind needing the internet cause I have wireless at home and have access anytime. Design Space has so many images and ideas.
    Just my input to the conversation.

    1. I have a simple question... I have I believe the very 1st generation expression. Just received the expression in the mystery box for this month. I've turned it on but is frozen on the main cricut startup screen. I can't calibrate or do anything. Does it need to be hooked up to a computer to do anything on it?

  47. I really enjoyed reading your post! I have a Cricut Expression machine and a Gypsy. I found having the Gypsy opened the door for me to create much more and change the sizes and placement of thing on my mat. Then I could even use the negative image that remained! I would love to be able to use my iPad to create things rather than my gypsy! However I like that I can just pop a cartridge in my machine and cut too! I don't want to be limited to only using my machine when we hav internet available. Not all crops have Internet available. I also don't like the idea of paying for a "subscription" that if I stop it I no longer have access to this images and paid a lot of money I have nothing to show for! If I buy a cartridge I have the images to use as long as I want... Unless I trade it or sell it. Really would like to buy the new one but too many limitations and features I would lose.... So I'll have to wait this one out and see what they come up with next and hope mine doesnt become obsolete!!!

  48. I stumbled across the Cricut Explore while in Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. I had no idea what it was and decided to do some research of my own. I read all the great reviews and I was so excited. Walmart just happen to have the Cricut Explore on sell for $199.00. OMG Right!!! Well it's been about three weeks and I've made ONE project before my computer no longer recongizes the Cricut. My computer in brand new and running on windows 8.1. I spent three hours trying to get my computer to recognize the Cricut only to give up and call customer service which was closed. Bummer! Last time I called customer service was on hold with the lovely elevator music for 45 minutes couldn't wait any longer my kids had to eat dinner at some point that night. Decided to try again this morning, Cricut was doing usual maintenance at 0730 in the morning. I'm taking the machine back and maybe, BIG MAYBE getting a different one. I need one that can cut vinyl as well as score and I'm guessing writing option is probably out of the question with the others. I'm so frustrated when only a few weeks ago I was a happy camper ready to explore with my Explore. Bummer!

    1. Terri- have you tried uninstalling the explore from your pc? Go to hardware, uninstall all cricut files. Then power down and restart your pc And re-install it. If it doesn't work, see if you can use a friend's laptop to check the explore and see if it will install. If not, trade the explore. Hope it works.

  49. I just bought the explore. It is my first Cricut. I can see why everyone is upset. I think it should be a stand alone machine working with cartridges...as well as working online. Otherwise it isn't an upgrade. Every company does this. You have to buy the new system. Just like with video games. It should make you feel a little better to know that the older machines are very expensive. Look on Amazon. You can no longer get the gypsy. I would love to have the Imagine. I think it's cool that it can print. Anyways....I just starting out and will see how I like this new machine.

  50. Hi Heather. I will have to disagree with you. I have a Cameo, but can still use my very old original silhouette machine. If my memory is correct, I've had it for about 8 years. It's still supported in silhouette design studio.

  51. Correct me if I am wrong but I just read somewhere that soon we are going to be able to download the design space onto our computers and be able to use and design off line? I am thinking of getting the Explore soon. I own the Silhouette Cameo and absolutely love it. I have owned it just over a yr and used it many many time more then I ever used any of my cricuts combined since I first bought my baby bug YRS ago!! I own the baby bug, Expression, E2 (which i hate) a gypsy and over 200 cartridges. For this reason (200+ carts) I am looking into the explore. I was never satisfied w the cuts with my expression and definitely the E2. MANY times I have had to re-cut and re-cut to get one decent cut. Recently I needed some sponge Bob cuts and i was soo frustrated that a friend found some Sponge Bob & Patrick svg's and so I cut them the first time w my silhouette. But after speaking to another friend who owns the Explore and reading the more recent reviews, I may just make the leap of faith. I surely hope that PC has learned a valuable lesson and will support their machines w updates etc.

  52. I want to thank all of you for your post. I hope these companies read them and take into serious consideration.

  53. I want to thank all of you for your post. I hope these companies read them and take into serious consideration.

  54. I own an E2, which I absolutely love. Last year when our desktop quit working we bought a laptop and my E2 quit working in the Craft a Room. I bought a new Cricut USB cord and it still didn't work. (Obviousily, I didn't need to replace the cord.) However, I discovered I can use my USB cord from my printer hooked up to the laptop and E2, problem solved. On a side note, besides being a crafter I cake decorate too. And, I can use my E2 to cake decorate, I recently discovered on YouTube, I can cut out Wilton Sugar Sheets to embellish my cakes. Happy crafting!!!

  55. I just read your post and all the comments and your thoughts were my sentiments as well, I would never ever get burned by Provo Craft ever again! I never had any issues with my first two Cricuts so I didn't do any due diligence on the Imagine at all. I took a pass until one day it went on sale for $125.00 or something like that at Michael's and I just thought, it'd be really nice to pick it up to do some printing with some of the Imagine cartridges I had come to discover and really fell in love with (by this time the cartridges were really discounted too). Little did I realize these machines were being dumped on the market by these big box retailers because they knew, and I didn't at the time, that PC was discontinuing the machine and cartridges for it. I left it in my closet for a few months since I was pretty busy with work at the time and one day I took it out and discovered what so many other people had already known, the printing mat died on me after only 3 cuts. But even though I got these Imagine products, at the deeply discounted price, I protested to Provo Craft. When I called to discuss the "mat" problem, they said, "what mat problem?" They refused to acknowledge any problems with the mats for that machine (obviously, they were told not to for legal reasons). Even though I hadn't purchased these items at full price like so many other people, I was really frustrated, I didn't even have the option to return mine for a refund or store credit or anything....I learned the hard way, buy from a retailer with a good return policy like HSN and test it before the return period expires! Then last week JoAnn's sent me a coupon selling the Explore one for $179, which I thought, was the lowest price I had seen it go for, and over the last year I have been accumulating all the Disney princess cartridges, and began to think that at that price, maybe the Explore would be worth it if it really did "cut better" than the Expression for all those fine detailed cuts. I seriously was so close to buying it last night as an impulse buy and then I just thought I better do some more due diligence one more time before I hit the buy button and I am SOOOOO thankful I did my research. I was truly shocked that it doesn't really seem to cut those intricate details any better than the Expression. And I also just discovered that you absolutely cannot adjust the blade depth at all, period, and that the so called German carbide blade is no different than what you would get from a fresh new blade that is used with the other Cricut machines. I am so thankful to these reviewers. I was even willing to over ride my own principles, refusing to buy another machine from this company ever again because I felt I could never ever trust them, because I saw the price go "way" down this week. In addition to the so called "better cuts" (which I really just wasn't seeing any difference in with the newer reviews by people not paid by PC with a new free machine to promote it), you can't adjust the blade depth, and apparantly the "shadow" layers from your cartridges do not show up in the software on the Explore so you have to make your own. For all these reasons I won't be buying the Explore. In a few years maybe they will upgrade it and make it better, so we can use the software offline, and print directly from the cartridge, allow us to manually adjust the blade depth, etc. etc. Until then, I'll be taking a "wait and see" attitude. Until these restrictions are resolved, I just don't think its worth it, even at the discounted price! I hope my story adds to the discussion and a big thanks to everyone for providing this very enlightening discussion.

  56. Thank you so much for this post. My sentiments are exactly the same!! Over the past 9+ years, I've owned every Cricut machine but the Imagine and the Mini. Right now, I have the E2, the Gypsy, and 90 cartridges, either physically or digitally. I'm a late adopter to CCR because I was adamantly against having my computer and my Cricut hooked up together. But I figured, that if I'm serious about investing in the Explore, I better get used to it.

    Well I've gotten hooked on laying out layered images out in CCR now. I'm a happy clam. No need for a new machine, life is perfect...

    Until I updated to Windows 10.

    Now, I can't get CCR to recognize my E2!! So I called tech support, 2.5 hours later, after 45 minutes on hold and 3 attempts to receive help through the online chat room. I'm frustrated because my dinner is burnt, my kid is hangry (hungry & angry because burnt broccoli is the WORST, and I'm no closer to a resolution because they don't know and "will have to get back to me via email...",

    That was a week ago. I still haven't heard back from Tech Support and I honestly don't think I ever will.

    My point is that my E2 and CCR was good. Yes, there are some things that could make them a little better, (I'd love to be able to cut the fonts on my computer), but I DO NOT want to give up was I have to gain something else. I also don't have alot of time to craft anymore. I would rather use the time I have cutting pretty things, not on hold with tech support.

    Right now, I feel like I'm being treated as if I the scum on Provocraft's shoes since I don't want to upgrade. When I typed in my problem, they actually said "The Explore works just fine with Windows 10." I don't want the Explore. I have thousands of dollars worth of product in my closet that I would like to use if I can get my machine to work properly first.

    Please excuse my rant... I'm not normally like this.

  57. I've just read your post and I completely agree. Why oh Why does Provocraft not treat it's customers like adults and always think of ways to hamper us. It really would not be difficult for us to download the CCR software so we can use it offline. Why don't they want us to save our own designs to our computers. I have a Cricut Create, Expression, E2, Imagine, Gipsy, Design Studio, Jukebox and over 100 cartridges. All of my Cricut stuff was purchased at full price and in the British £. An extremely expensive investment, (mistake). Combined they do not compare to my Silhouette Cameo which I use all the time. The service from the staff at Silhouette is excellent they could not be more helpful. I will definity won't be buying the new explore for all the reasons you point out.

  58. I've just read your post and I completely agree. Why oh Why does Provocraft not treat it's customers like adults and always think of ways to hamper us. It really would not be difficult for us to download the CCR software so we can use it offline. Why don't they want us to save our own designs to our computers. I have a Cricut Create, Expression, E2, Imagine, Gipsy, Design Studio, Jukebox and over 100 cartridges. All of my Cricut stuff was purchased at full price and in the British £. An extremely expensive investment, (mistake). Combined they do not compare to my Silhouette Cameo which I use all the time. The service from the staff at Silhouette is excellent they could not be more helpful. I will definity won't be buying the new explore for all the reasons you point out.

  59. Hi Everyone,
    Just to say that Provocraft is working on making the Design Space a downloadable software program.
    That will be very helpful to many of us.
    I believe they are hoping to have it ready by the end of this year.
    They are working on a few other features.
    I must say that I was one of the many who was not totally thrilled with the "online and on the cloud" only software, but when my computer crashed unexpectedly, I sure was glad it was online and on the cloud...-I did not lose any of my designs nor the any cart designs I had worked with. I certainly do see the pros to it now. Thank goodness it was on the cloud!
    I still wish we could use our carts straight on the machines.
    However, I still say that there are more pros than cons to the Explore.
    I am sure the Cameo S has many pros too.

    As far as being controlling, I say that was before the new CEO; this new CEO and his team are a lot more flexible.
    I personally do feel like they are listening to us.

    Happy crafting to all...

    1. Hi M Cuevas,
      I m new in craft cutting machine and currently using hobby knife to make 3d pop up card as part of my hobby. Based on google/youtube it seems Cricut Explorer cut quality is more precise than Cameo. Cricut needs constant online connection & 100% web based program and depends on browser version. I m just curios if provocraft is making offline version of software. I m thinking to buy during thanksgiving but constant online connection is big factor for me & I do not like dependency on internet + web site.
      In case u have some knowledge about release of this software let me know.

    2. UHS74,
      Hi, after I received your question I called ProvoCraft and asked them about the software. They are working on it but they do not have a release date yet.
      But I'll tell you, there are pros to using it online too. For 1 you can use it from any computer using your account info to sign in and also, if your computer crashes (as mine did unexpectedly) you will not lose your projects.
      I will admit that at first I was not so happy about it either, but the more I use it the more I see the benefits of it. -Still wish we could use without having to be online (For Crops or when I visit my Mom) but they are working on it. But, I do not mind it so much anymore.
      I actually trust it more online and on the "Cloud." I really do.
      I cannot compare it to the Cameo as I do not own one.
      If you use an offline program, just make sure to back up your files often.
      It's a decision you will have to think about.
      The Explore Air 2 does allow you to use your "Carts" but you still need a computer and Internet.
      I'd love to have Explore 2.
      But, I DO LOVE MY EXPLORE! and all I can do with it!!!
      If you decide to buy one, make sure you check around for prices (and return policy should you need to return it).
      JoAnn Fabrics sometimes has really good deals. And now for the holidays, you may also look for bundle deals.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Correction: I meant to say Explore Air not Explore Air 2.
      I get confused because it is the 2nd Explore machine.

    5. Thank you for your time.I have also sent email to them but no reply.

      I m not sure if I can wait till they officially release of the offline software & its info Or take chance to buy now and assume that it will be release soon and compatible with all current machine ( i.e do not force buy new machine to use off line software) as on thanksgiving there is good deal at Jo-ann (explorer air 200$) or Michel (explorer air bundle 229$) or Walmart(150$ for explorer one)
      Jo-ann return policy is 90 days but not sure if i can use and return ( mat will be used)
      Not sure explore is new or explorer one is new.

  60. Well Laurie, Like all of your other followers, I aqree with you whole heartedly. I don't own the Explorer, but my daughter purchased one and I was considering it. I'm so glad I didn't. We have jointly purchased cartridges and they are linked in my name so now she is unable to use them on her machine. Had I known that (of course they don't tell you that in advance) I would not have linked so she could use them. She is paying for a subscription and many of the images in the subscription are not available in Design Space. I still just have a regular Expression and I love it but when it comes time for me to replace it, I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'm really disappointed in their lack of support and their lack of concern for their past customers. I've had a Cricut since they first came out. Such a disappointment.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Barb, I think yo may be able to use the carts even if they are linked to your account if you purchase the Explore Air2. This model allows you to use the cart on the machine.
      YOU STILL WILL NEED TO BE ONLINE AND ON A COMPUTER, BUT YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO USE THE CARTS. I do not think you will be able to "Link" them to her account, but, again, you should be able to use them.
      I called ProvoCraft to ask and this is what I was told...and I'm pretty sure I understood what they told me.
      But also, you can use your account on your daughter's computer. That is the beauty of it being on the "Cloud". You can use your account on any computer.
      Hope this helps.

    3. Barb, I meant to say Explore Air Not Explore Air2.
      Call ProvoCraft and they will give you more information.

  61. Can I use my Gypsy with the new Cricut Explorer? The only way to use the new machines is with a computer? Really, how stupid!!

    1. Christine,
      No, unfortunately you cannot. But you can link your cartridges to Design Space by using your current account info to register to Design Space. If you have an iPad (compatible model), you can use it and the screen is bigger than the Gypsy's...
      You can start your project there and save to cut later or cut it right from it.
      If you are not sure how to do it, the Customer Service folks at ProvoCraft will gladly guide you through.
      Even with not having been able to transfer my files from CCR, I am still very happy to own my Explore. I love it.
      And I still have my Expression and happily use it with CCR software or my carts right on it.
      I love it too.

      **Explore needs the Bluetooth Adaptor for wireless cutting
      ** Explore Air has embedded Bluetooth for wireless cutting

      The company is working on an offline software. They just do not have set release yet.

      Hope this info helps you.

  62. Well, I just purchased a Cricut Explore Air for my daughter-in-law. I have spent the last couple of days learning the Design Space software so I can teach her how to use the machine. I was amazed at how slow and problematic this software is.I also feel the cut file designs are greatly lacking. The biggest problems, however, are that the Print Then Cut space on the mat is only about 6 x 8 inches max. I don't get that at all but I teach paper crafts and need to be able to use the whole mat to print and cut parts for classes without all of the wasted time and paper. Also, I read that the Cricut only prints at 150 dpi! The Silhouette Cameo puts out 600 dpi. There is no way I would print my graphics at such a low resolution.....or such a small cut area. Although this machine has numerous good points, it's bad points are hugely glaring. I must say I'm really surprised that Cricut has such a great machine and such horrible software. I was actually thinking of switching over but Cricut has a very long way to go before I would ever do that.

  63. Oh, sorry to hear that. Mine isn't slow. And I fine the DS software very user friendly and learned pretty all in one day. The Print then Cut would be nicer if we could use more of the paper space but I am ok with it so far.
    I cannot compare it to any other die cut machine because I don't own any other, but I do like using my Explore very much. I did have some problems at first but their reps helped me work them out. I am very glad I didn't give up or returned it. So happy with it.
    They are constantly working on making improvements so just go on their site and stay up to date. You can also call them and ask them if there issomething else you can do to speed it up. It maybe the browser you are using. I switched to Google Chrome and it all got better. Also, sometimes I switch to "Incognito" and it works even better.
    No one machine is perfect, and best machine is the machine that works for you. -That said, this one is working pretty darn good for me these days.
    Maybe one day I'll try one of the other brands for comparison.
    -We can never have too many craft tools...lol
    Hope all works better for you soon.

  64. im a graphic designer.. so ... simply put i am almost always on my imac when working. i am new to the entire industry and have major plans that i have already made a couple test runs with.

    i love the portability of it... not only can i use it on my imac but seriously the cloud usage is awesome. i start my projects on my spare time at work and finish them at home and vice versa all the time. PLUS my ipad is all i need to print straight to it and cut from it. connected to internet and bluetooth but i already have all that working for me.

    i love the one and only machine i have and have ever owned. no regrets ... got it from HSN for 4 payments of $57. Even if it goes down in price it wont hurt because I didn't even feel the payments at all.

    nothing against any other machine and i may lay the crafting experience but I am a graphic designer/artist and the cricut explore is just the best thing i can have for what i will need.

    LASTLY<<< cartridges!! lol sorry dont use or need them.. i have found almost everything and anything i need to print/cut on the good ol web that people havent got used to! plus photoshop and illustrator makes whatever i cant find.

    very good points from everyone..

  65. I want to buy a Cricut for a friend. She's never used one before and isn't really interested in being tied to a computer to use it. Can someone make a recommendation about the best one to get her? I would even consider buying a used one if that makes the most sense. Thanks. It's very confusing for us new crafters!

    1. I'd say get the Cricut Explore Air. It is the last one they put out so far. They are easy to use and the d I ft ware us very user friendly.
      I would say buy it new, so that if you decide you don't want to keep it, you can return it. Although I doubt you will want to once you try it.
      Look around for bundle deals at different stores.
      You can check Joann Fabtics, Walmart, Michaels, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, Amazon, and so on.
      Yes, the online only thing can be a bit of a pain sometimes, but it has it pros too.
      I am very happy I have one.
      It can do so much and it therefore, alows you to do so much more too.
      Again, it's great and very user friendly.
      At least give it a try...

    2. Meant to say " software is very user friendly "...

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  69. Can anyone advise what the main advantages and disadvantages are between Cricut Expression 1 vs 2? Thanks in advance.

  70. Hi, I really hope you can help, I have a cricut expression 2, everything seemed fine until I updated it, now the icons for cutting are blanked out and themat wont load, I am running windows 10, have tried to look for updated drivers but cant find any, I am at the moment doing a restore on the cricut to see if that sorts it out, any help would be gratefully appreciated > aligmcleod@hotmail.com

    1. I had the same problem with my E2. I called customer service and the problem worsened. The agent said that I can "trade up" for a new machine. I would get $50 off. Wow, how generous! Pretty unacceptable. I didn't call for help and expect to have to buy a new machine!
      Anyway, enough rambling. I happened to restore it and it came back working fine. I figured out that my cord connecting my E2 to the computer was faulty. I happened to have another one on hand. I hate that machines are made to be thrown out so easily.

  71. Hi Fellow Crafters. I wanted some input on some machines out there. I have a Cricut Explorer, but wanted the ability to get some awesome figures online. The last time I checked I couldn't do that with my Mac. So what would you recommend? Cameo? Cricut Explore Air. I have seen the Air recently at 150.00 but that doesn't necessarily mean thats a good thing. Any input is greatly appreciated.

    1. Cathy, you should be able to use the Explore with your Mac as long as you're using Yosemite or El Capitan iOS on your Mac. Also, it works better if you use Goggle Chrome or Firefox as a browser. If you call the reps at Cricut, they will guide you through the process. But it does work with Mac.

  72. i just bought a cricut explore one as my first cutter. quite frankly, im F*@#ING SO F*@#ING P*SSED THE F*#* OFF RIGHT NOW, because if i knew id be forced into buying subscriptions and paying for the f*#kin fonts after i designed with them but BEFORE I COULD CUT WITH THEM... well id have bought two of theese little communist goofs..
    "cricut for life..""dont cricut your life"

  73. Unknown,
    You don't have to get the subscription. You can buy individual images or design your own. You can also use the the fonts on your computer. Yes, it may take a little getting to learn how it all works but it all worth the effort.
    Maybe you just haven't had it long enough. Try it again with an open mind.
    It's like with any thing new you get; it takes getting used to it and how to get it to work,
    If you are still in time to return or exchange it, I would get the Explore Air instead. You can use the cartridges right on it, if you already have some or would get any in the future(although you still do have to use a computer and Internet ) and you can use the pen/score tool and the blade at the same time, -so you can write and cut or score and cut without having to exchange the tool. The first Explore also does this. The Explore One you have to change the tools.
    At first, I was not thrilled with having to use the computer and Internet. (I was used to the Cricut Expression, which I still love too); however, when my computer crashed unexpectedly, I was very relieved to find out that because this program is on the cloud, I did not lose any of my projects. Boy, was I glad it was on the "Cloud" then...I really was.
    They are working on the option to work offline as well, but they don't have a release date yet.
    It may take a little time to get used to it, but one day, it all clicks and you become a pro at using it. Just give it some time.
    The reps are very helpful. Yes, sometimes you do have to wait quite a while on hold, but you will get through. Don't hand up.
    What I do is I put them on speaker and work on something else. Something I enjoy so that I am relaxed when they answer. I don't call when I am frustrated because then I cannot understand anything they say to me.
    I love using mine. It was a little rough at first ( because of internet issues) but I knew we'd get it working. And now all is working so well and I am really able to create so much.
    Watch videos on you tube and the Cricut websites.
    But if all this fails, try a different machine. Cameo, or something else.
    But don't let it get you so upset that it drains all your artistic and creative juices... Lol

    Again, you do not have to get the subscription, you can design your own images and projects or you can just buy the digital images individually that you are most interested in, (you can also buy the physical cartridges or digital cartridges). You can buy the fonts or you can use fonts that come with your computer program. Some only work to "write" and some you can cut. It depends on if the font would cut well. Watch videos on YouTube regarding this feature.

    I say this respectfully, I just don't think you have learned how it works yet. Give yourself a little more time to get along with it. I wish I could help you more. I love teaching how these machines work.

    I'll try to answer any questions you may have. I'd like to help you get to enjoy using it.
    -There's just so much it can do.


  74. I just got my Cricut explore air and I have the cricut expressions and I kinda wish I had check ped this out first. Opened the box, tried out the first design and then stupid me I realize no screen, no place for the flap thing you lay down on the keyboard and if you have to be online for everything....that sucks!!! I do like that I can use pens, scoring tool and can do things from the computer and can't it cut out more materials and do more? As far as customer service I've had some things that were my fault and they fixed them for me (replaced lost/ruined things). So I didn't have problems with customer service in fact the opposite 😞

  75. I have the cricut explore and I love mine! However I don't mind having to hook mine to a computer. I have a craft room I work out of and I do a lot of shirts and big designs and also have a heat press and other large tools I use. So coming from someone who did buy it, I have no complaints this far :)

  76. like a fool i bought the cricut explore one...it sux. honestly lol i also purchased the cameo and i gotta admit i really really like the cameo alot more. my cricut has been sitting collecting dust now while my cameo gets crazy attention.

  77. I have a habit of buying things and not using them, so I have my Cricut Expression 2 still in it's box. Now that I have read your comments, I will use it before I buy another machine. I also have the Gypsy which I never used except to upload some of my cartridges. Do I have to do something special to now use my cartridges in the Cricut rather than through the Gypsy? I am technologically challenged, so I hope this isn't the dumbest question ever. Thank, Fran

    1. Fran do you want to sell your Cricut Expressions?

  78. Love Love my Cricut Explore Air.

  79. I found your blog while doing a quick web search to see what I could get for my barely used Cricut Expression, Gypsy, and 42 cartridges. Thanks for your great review. I will never buy another Cricut because I found it, the Gypsy, and just everything about Provocraft too cumbersome. I bought my Cricut after buying a Xyron Wishblade, which updated right after I bought it, and would no longer work with my PC. I bought Sure Cuts a Lot so that I could use the machine, but I never did have time to devote to getting proficient with it. Soon after that, they appeared to just drop supporting their technology. So I have spent lots of money for die cutting I don't use. However, another company came out with a new machine I just love! It's the Brother Scan 'n Cut, and it's the only one on the market which will scan and cut what you scan, even your handwriting. This means you don't have to have all the cartridges and/or purchased images to keep track of. You save to the machine itself or on a USB stick. The SNC also has a free design space where you can convert your cutting files into SNC format. I have barely scratched the surface of what the SNC will do, and one thing I know...I will never purchase anything to do with Cricut ever again!

  80. Came across your post while googling brother scan & cut. Great post ! I am a long time owner of the cricut expression with just 3 cartridges and SCAL made that possible. Despite Provost Craft & SCAL dispute, I am still able to use SCAL, which I believe was an agreement reached when they settled the suit. I recently came across a youtube video on using sharpies or gel pen in the cricut... Worked like a Charm. However, I am also interested in making stickers for planners and looking into the Brother scan & cut. Have no plans to jump on the Circut Explore, my cricut expression works just fine. Thanks Scal.

    1. Sheila, the reason your SCAL still works with your Expression may be because you have not done any of the updates on your Expression (no firmware updates) so make sure you don't or you will lose the ability to continue to use them together.
      I, too, have been looking into the ScanNCut 2 and just ordered one. I love using my Cricut Explore, but this ScanNCut 2 looks like it will also do a lot of what I do much easier and quicker. I will have to wait till I get it and make a comparison.
      But, I do like that I can just stamp and place on the machine to scan and scan the images and cut. Saves a few steps and it also works on the full 12x12 inch space of a 12x12 inch paper.
      At least that's what it looks like on the videos I've watched. This will really save so much time!
      I also create many of my designs and now I can just place them on the mat and the machine will scan and cut them. I don't have to scan to my computer and go through the other steps I have to do on my Explore.
      Don't get me wrong, I still love my Explore (now that the Internet issues have been mostly resolved), and I do love some of the beautiful and useful images they offer, but I think the ScanNCut2 is going to be really good too.
      I will do a more in depth comparison when I get it next week.

      But one thing I already like... I DO NOT HAVE TO BE CONNECTED TO A COMPUTER OR INTERNET TO USE IT!!!

      I'll keep you posted.
      I cannot wait to receive it.

  81. Sheila, my ScanNCut arrived late yesterday afternoon and I immediately opened the box, briefly read the start up instructions (which I usually never do, but I did not want to take any chances...lol) and stamped an image to scan and cut and WOW!!! ... A few clicks later and it was cut.
    Just plug, start, scan and cut!!!!! ***
    I was so impressed!

    There are a few things I'll need to get used to and learn, but from what I have seen so far, I must say that I REALLY LIKE this machine.

    As I have said many times before, there is no perfect machine, but this one is another great die cutting machine on the market.

    I am glad I got it.

    Yes, the included images are a bit limited, but if you are like me and design most of your own images, this one is great!
    I do like many of the newer images Cricut has put out in the last few years. I use them often and think they are beautiful and fancy.

    But for cutting your own designs, this ScanNCut is just easier and faster.

    There is so much I can already say I like and I'm sure I'll have even more to say by the end of the weekend.

    So glad I did buy it.

    I'll never get rid of my Cricuts, (even when they get a bit buggy) but for a fast cut...well, I'm sure I'll be going to this one.
    And for cutting out my stamped images this is the best one. I can stamp all over my 12x12 inch card stock (actually, I made sure I left 3/4 inch on each side to make sure they got scanned all the way). And they all did.

    I also tried a few other cuts and everything was just right!

    Oh, and I'm sure you are wondering how it cuts? -The cuts are clean and perfect!!!

    Should I go on...??? Lol

  82. Agreed. Im staying with my old expression/gypsy for as long as they hold out and im NOT going to buy another machine/cartridge/online option crap. Ill reuse my mats til they fall apart since you can barely find them anymore. I dont want to be online and a captive I also do not support Apple products, so therefore PC has chosen to leave this customer in limbo after 15+ years 😠. Upgrade my system PC, that would have kept me a customer for life. Expect me to shell out for every machine you make just to be able to craft? No way. Im getting off this train now. Doubt theyll notice.

  83. Agreed. Im staying with my old expression/gypsy for as long as they hold out and im NOT going to buy another machine/cartridge/online option crap. Ill reuse my mats til they fall apart since you can barely find them anymore. I dont want to be online and a captive I also do not support Apple products, so therefore PC has chosen to leave this customer in limbo after 15+ years 😠. Upgrade my system PC, that would have kept me a customer for life. Expect me to shell out for every machine you make just to be able to craft? No way. Im getting off this train now. Doubt theyll notice.

  84. Thank you so much for your honest opinion and for putting it all into perspective. I think you just saved me a lot of money!!

  85. I appreciate all the sincere input. Provo has a long history of shafting their artists and their customers. I will never buy any of their products again.

  86. Well said! And let's not forget how they abandoned their Design Studio software, which they no longer support. I'm done with Cricut...I have enough cartridges to do anything I want; I use my Expression2, Gypsy and Design Space with them and no longer have to do updates because I no longer use the Cricut website. My new love is my Scan-n-Cut2, so I'm all set!

  87. Gail M.
    Yes, it's a great machine. And to save money on the blades, I buy them from BridgeCutters. I buy them for my Expression, the Explore and the ScanNcCut 2 as well. They work great and are much less expensive. I bought them on Amazon.

  88. (continued)
    It is happening across the board, with many products by many makers. I thought the big computer companies were bad but at least folks don't always have to buy new hardware eg. a new computer, laptop or tablet each time a basic update is required to keep it functioning as it did when you bought it in good faith. Even an upgrade, say from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10, can be free or inexpensive compared to cutting machines!
    If these companies can't update the machine and it becomes obsolete within a short period, they should have a trade-in or 'buy back' scheme. Money off your next purchase/upgrade if you return the 'old' one, or something like that. It would be good company policy and a valuable incentive for customer loyalty, great for the customer and even better for our planet! All positive stuff. Hell, there's profit in waste, I'm surprised they are not doing this already!

    So, back to the same question. Maybe I am missing something here but what makes cutters so special than, say, laptops or desktop
    computers, or printers? Oh, they cut. Wow. I mean, printers print. They can print directly from pc, digital camera or mobile phone. They
    can also scan, trace, copy and capture, on or offline. I love my printer. It is several years old now, but still functioning as it should and is a vital piece of equipment. I use it all the time. To buy, it was much, much cheaper than a cutter and apart from ink, has
    virtually no extra accessories to buy and can be updated! My pc is similar. It is capable of a million billion things and was around the
    same price as the Cricut Explore Air cutting machine, yet cheaper to run (excluding the endless choice of optional software). It also
    offers masses of freedom for creatvity, plus free & regular updates. (Aw. I love my pc now!) Kinda puts craft cutting machines into
    perspective does it not?! Even suggests that certain companies may possibly be taking the preverbial p**s out of us artists and crafters, in my humble opinion!

    Sorry for the long post folks. Got a bit carried away there, but I feel better now ;o)!

    Anyway, I've gone off the idea of a cutting machine now. Think I'll stick with my scalpel!

  89. (Oops! Spelling errors in part 2.) Should read: 'restricted' or restrictive'

  90. I have been fighting to get the Cricut plug in to work without having to download the plug in each time I log in. And I STILL can't get on without going through the same process. I have been in contact with Cricut techs and no on seems to be able to tell me why this is not working as it should. On top of that, I am disappointed I can't use the full 12x12 mat. Why bother to have one if I can't print for a full mat? But I would dearly just love to be able to log on and do my Design Space with no hassle. Sometimes, it will let me start my design then cut me off and send me back to the download and plug in garbage all over again. What a mess.

  91. Have any of you crafters ever heard of a loss leader? The die cut machines, like all home printers these days, are sold near or below cost, to entice you. They make their revenue on add-ons, accessories and subscriptions, like printer companies do on ink. If you had to pay what it costs (+profit), to design and make these devices, you would never buy one.(technology + niche = expensive) Be happy that entry costs are fair and all subsequent add ons are a la carte. You act like it's all about you, but the transaction has to be mutually beneficial. (That's the way a market based society works) If cricut doesn't make a profit, they go under and poof, no more die cut innovation. Don't like it? Invent your own, or get friendly with your scissors.

  92. Thank you, I was 'thisclose' to buying a newer machine today (03/16/2017) but you reminded me of why I love my pink Cricut Expressions - I can use it anywhere in the house without a computer (yes I am aware that the new ones have wifi). I have quite a library of cartridges too, and a gypsy as well.

  93. I just purchased the Cricut Explore Air 2 and my first issue has been in linking my Cricut cartridges to the machine. It linked 5 cartridges, however, when I tried #6, the machine would not do anything nor give you an error message. Has anyone had that issue? I contacted Cricut and they will link them to my account for me. I wish I had read all of the comments before purchasing this machine. I have 2 of the old Cricuts plus several cartridges, which I was going to get rid of, however, I may just hold onto them for the old machines. I too have a ScanNCut (the first one that came out) and have only tried it once which did not work with what I was cutting out, so have not been back to it again. Need to try another project to see how it works. Sounds like it might be better than the Explore Air 2??? Q-is the service issue still as bad with Cricut as it was a few years ago? In other words, if you have a problem with the Cricut - do they help you to fix the issue or take your machine and try to fix it for you? Thanks for any help you can give me.

  94. Susan Gieszler, do not get rid of your cartridges. I kept one of my Expressions and all of my cartridges. When I ran into a problem with the Explorer, I was able to use my Exoression and the cartridges right on it. I love my Explore, but sometimes it does act up a bit. As for the ScannCut 2, I love it, too! They have a ScannCut Canvas online design software that is really good. There is a bit of a learning curve if you are only used to DesignSpace, but you'll get it. So, you have all of these great machines to play with... you are so blessed. The efforts they sometimes require ARE worth it in the end. Just keep practicing with them all. Each one has its special feature; just wish we could put them all into 1 machine... I can wish, can't I? Hahaha! But I would not give any of them up!

  95. Hello all! I purchased the Cricut Expression in March 2008, shortly, thereafter, my brother was ill for a few years and then died and mom was ill .. so Cricut Expression lived in my closet in the box for most of the 10 years. I decided 2 months ago, to pull out all my crafts and make a decision to keep or sell. My decision is very clear tonight .. it is for sale .. I want to go with the Silhouette.
    Ohh Cricut sued competition and now allows the SVG files to be used on Design Space and I cannot even use it. I did enjoy making some flowers and then a few weeks ago, I cut all the tags, bags and boxes 1. . I, also, have the Close to my Heart acrylic stamps (most never used) .. I know nothing about the Silhoutte. I just learned some things about the Cricut. The fact, Expression and earlier machines are not allowed in Design Space and the situation re the lawsuit and now SVG files can be used .. I am basically waiting for the new freebie this week. I did. however, googled about the boxes, popups, etc. I do want to try those. There are a lot of options but I have a die cut machine .. that I can only use with my cartridges or the 3 cartridges allowed in Craft Room?
    Thanks for all the information ..

  96. i work at hobby lobby and we just clearanced out ALL our cricut cartridges...no need for them anymore.

  97. I hope you have good luck with your Imagine. I turned mine on after not using it for a couple of years and found it was DEAD! I hardly ever used it and it still had full ink cartridges. Cricut offered me a $50.00 trade in credit. I bought a Scan N Cut.

    1. I bought a Scan n Cut and I love it. Thanks for all of the information. I had an Imagine that I bought at Kmart on clearance for about $50. I worked well for the first 6 months, then it worked intermittently. The ink was expensive. I ended up buying the E2 for clearance price. I also bought cartridges for clearance prices. I like how this machine works. I agree with you guys, it's hard fact to pay a lot of money and then have the company come out with a totally new machine, and also agree with you for all of the other reasons. I like the scan n cut as opposed to buying a new Explore. It does exactly what it says it does. I am not into designing like others but maybe when I retire, right now I like to make quick cards and spend time with my family. I love the old Cricut with the old cartridges. With all those cartidge images, I haven't yet gotten tired of making cards. Everytime I see something on Pinterest, I try and find something similar in my cartridges to adapt it and I usually come up with something really nice.

    2. When I think of the millions of dollars spent on the cartridges, and now there is no longer any support for the customers who spent their hard earned money, all I can say "it's big business." These people are really looking for you to continue to spend your money to support the company. Every person's needs do not require high-end technology, which forces you to continue to spend money to support that technology. The Cricut really can become a money pit, unless you are making money from the use of the equipment. Other than that, it is an expensive mistress.

  98. Many people go to the extent of getting their own T-shirt printed. One can use anything for printing; it does not necessarily have to be a message. tshirt printing services

  99. Crictut Design space is still a worthless unreliable program. REady to look for something besides a Cricut. Sick and tired of wasting time trying to figure out which way design space will or will not work this time. Piece of crap.

  100. I have the E2 and I love the touch screen and have a few cartridges when I found out they were discontinuing the legacy machines as they call them I looked at the Explorer air 2 it has nice bells and whistles but way too much for me to spend.. I may research other products or wait until it goes down I just don't want to waste money on something that will go out of fashion as fast as it came in fashion. I understand that all things eventually go out of style but I feel this should not be one I'm very disappointed..

  101. Well, I wish I found this site sooner. Everyone told me...and do mean everyone I know..."You need to get a Cricut. You have to have a Cricut. There is so much you can do with a Cricut."

    So, I bit the bullet and bought a Cricut.

    Full disclosure, I'm a graphic designer by trade...so designing stuff is my SCHICK! But holy Cow, could this device be just a bit more complicated and proprietary.

    I tried to make a quick card. It was not so quick. Friends said, "Oh, use their templates. They are awesome."

    So I looked at the templates. Found a card.....$2.99 to download template....takes 1-1/2 hours to make. I said, "What?" For $2.99... I can to the drugstore on the corner, buy a card, address it, take to the post office and get back home, before I even finish MAKING a card with Cricut. Not mention factoring the time for learning curve.

    Why did I buy this thing again? I actually create cards and have made handmade cards for years. Yes, HANDMADE.... Not machine made.

    Well, now I'm stuck with the Cricut...but I just discovered that it is fabulous to use for cutting out shapes for appliques....and so BOOM...I'm liking it again. At least until my bluetooth connection goes wonky again..then I will be cutting appliques the old fashioned way...with scissors.

    Thanks for posting your opinion on this. Made me happy. I'm not alone!


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