Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Got a Cricut Explorer!

I'm sure many of you will remember when I posted 'Why I Won't be getting a Cricut Explore'! Well, Provo Craft decided they wanted me to try one out and review it. So they sent me a Cricut Explore! Along with some fun 'extras' to try!

I made a video which turned into two: Cricut Explore Opening Box, my first cut, setting it up, and my first impressions of the Cricut Explore!

Part 1

Part 2 - later in the day and my lighting is not so good!
After my first time playing with the Cricut Explore I'm still not completely sold but it does have some good things going for it!

1. I like the Score Pen! I still need to play more with it.

2. It seems quieter than the other Cricut machines.

3. The storage for extra housings and blades. The pen storage is wonky though.

4. Other features still to try: print then cut, write and cut, using fonts on my computer (this is nice! but why need internet?)

Things I still don't like:

1. I can't use my purchased Cricut cartridges without the internet! Or even use the machine without Design Space AT ALL!!!

2. Why can't my other machines use Design Space? Why not update the Expression 2?

3. What about my Gypsy? Cricut Craft Room?
I appreciate all your comments on my previous post about the Cricut Explore! So many great insites from people with and without the Explore! If you haven't had a chance to read them you can here: Why I Won't be getting a Cricut Explore

Please keep the comments coming! Provo Craft, hopefully, is paying attention and will listen to what we have to say about their products, how we have love them and have been loyal customers but want to not feel left behind when new things come out!


  1. I love my Explore but I'm with you on the whole internet and not being able to use the other machines/files. I have files in both of the other two software programs that were developed and I can't use them unless I hook up my old machines. What a hassle and what a waste. Now I files I'll never be able to use and cartridges collecting dust.....

  2. How fun! And to receive one from the company - wowzers! All I have is my Cuttlebug - I am in awe of the Cricut! Enjoy!

  3. The old machines are old, they can not technically work with Design Space. Design Space is much more advanced than CCR or Gypsy! It is very easy and quick to recreate old files to Design space, no looking for the layers they are already there. I sold my other machines, as I will never need them again. They come out with new smart phones every 6 months, they add technology to them, just like Cricut did, but they don't do it as often.

    Design Space is made with 2 heads, the others are not the same, the software will simply not work with it.

  4. thanks for your review...I don't have speakers here at work so I will have to check back to listen to the videos...but I am with you a bit apprehensive about the new stuff. Rarely, very rarely am I the first to get the latest and greatest especially with technology. I like the kinks to get worked out. I have emailed you a couple of times and pm'd you on FB about last weeks prize? thanks Alicia

  5. Hi,
    I just got the Cricut Explore after much debate with myself (lol)... I like some things, but I think my biggest pet peeve is that there is no way (or can't figure it out!) to place images on a cutting mat, example- I needed to cut out dates, but I had to cut out them out in different files, because when I went to cut a different version it would not let me reposition the new size in a separate place on the mat (not sure I'm saying this right??) Also Design space is a pain, it loads so very slow & I have really fast internet service. Anyhow I'm still very undecided, but I will probably be returning the Explore, as I really like my Cricut E2.. Thank you for your videos & blog they have really given me lots of help & inspiration : ) Victoria


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