Friday, February 27, 2015

Challenge Delayed!

Happy Saturday!

Sorry everyone who is visiting today to find out this week's challenge. Due to my crazy move it's going to be delayed this week. I am at a hotel right now and just don't have it all together and it's almost midnight with very little sleep last night. We are hoping to get an early-ish start tomorrow and get to our new (to us) home early enough that we won't be exhausted again! So I might can get it posted for Sunday morning. If not I will definitely have the challenge up by Monday morning and will give you a full week to get your submissions ready and entered into the challenge giveaway.

AND I'll even go ahead and let you know what the challenge is so you can get started on your creations!


HIMCR #189 - Any Holiday!

Which actually isn't anything you might not have already known since we are doing all this year 'Any Holiday' Challenge every fourth Saturday! Some of the HIMCR Design Team members might already have their examples posted so you can get some early inspiration. I'll have them posted here by Monday at the latest.

Thanks so much for you patience and understanding and all your kind comments!



  1. No worries. Thanks for letting us know. Have a safe journey.
    Crafty hugs

  2. Attention Design Team Members ~ you are all invited to join in the 2015 World Wide Design Team Challenge now on ~ Here is the link:

  3. Hope your move is going well, Laurie, and that nothing got broken in the upheaval! hugs, de


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