Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cricut Explorer Bluetooth

I was given an Cricut Explore to try out before the new wireless version came out which might be a little more user friendly.
Anyway, I broke down and bought the Cricut Explore Bluetooth Adapter. It is only $25! Click on the title to get yours! I hope it takes my machine to the next level. I use my ipad more than anything and it has been a pain to get my laptop hooked up to it every time to use it. After the move, however, I decided to only unpack the Explore to give it a true chance. Actually a reader recommended that I put away the other machines forcing me to make the change! Thank you!!
After provo craft gave an Cricut Explore to try out I made a few videos but found that I would go to my Expression 2 to cut out anything I wanted quicky and easily. Love my Cricut cartridges still! So now I only have the one Cricut unpacked and I do use it more but not like I used to use my Expression 2. Soooooo, hopefully when my Cricut Explore Bluetooth Adapter gets here I will use it almost everyday like I used to!!! I'll keep you posted! :)

Let me know if you've had a similar experience! Did the Cricut Explore Bluetooth Adapter make a difference for you?

FYI, I am really trying to get this machine a fair shake after giving Provo Craft and the Explore such a bad review. I stand by my opinion however of HAVING to be online to use my cartridges and it still seems like they could make the software downloadable. I have modem and internet issues! We now have Comcast and I don't like it very much! We actually have a usage limit which I've NEVER seen or heard of in all my moving around! So this only adds to my frustration with the Explore! Also, not sure why it didn't just come with the adapter?????? So glad to see it now with it just built in!


  1. I have the Cricut Explore Air and was skeptic bigtime when the Cricut Explore came out. I used my Gypsy so much that I did not want to learn a whole different way. Then the Cricut Explore Air came out and I bought it at Michaels. I did not use it much at first since I was not familiar with the online Design Space and could no longer use the Gypsy with it. I sold my former Cricuts at yard sales; the latest this past Summer after buying the Cricut Explore Air, so I gave myself time to still use the former Cricut but then when I sold the former I became more & more familiar with using Design Space. Then more & more I came to like the Cricut Explore Air. I was skeptic of the online subscription but am now convinced it is a great thing. With the subscription you can use all the cartridges out there except for the CTMH & Disney and a few others if you do not own them. So, you get to use alot of cartridges without owning/purchasing them. The exclusives like CTMH & Disney have to be purchased to be able to use. I have most Disney and all the CTMH. I also like that I can cut SVG files on the Cricut Explore Air as well as print & cut files. I still think the designer of the Design Space did not make things as user friendly or helpful like I would and I have a computer programmer background and would make it do so much more.
    Hope this is helpful to any & all about the Cricut Explore & Cricut Explore Air.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  2. I also own an E2 which I loved and then purchased the Explore when it came out. I love the versatility of being able to cut SVG files which is what drove me to buy the Explore. The downside of that, like you mentioned, is having to be online in order to use the machine. I can't tell you how many times I would get logged out in the middle of a project and lost everything. Talk about frustrating.

    Last year my husband bought me a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas and the more I started using it the more I love it. I even upgraded the software so I could cut SVGs and such. Now I use it even more than my Explore and mainly because of the online vs. computer based software.

    I still love the Explore but having more options available has definitely been nice.

  3. Friend of mine sold her Cricut (non-Explore) and got a Silhouette Cameo that she likes alot. I thought you had to be online to use the Silhouette Cameo. I've not had a problem with being logged out during an online Design Space session. My complaint is the way they upgrade the plugin and do not tell you what they have put in the upgrade. I have the plugin on install on request so it does not interfere with my anti virus program.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  4. I do not have an Explore.
    I really like my Expression.
    I have not had any interest in linking up my cartridges and that has not changed.
    If I did get an Explore I would use it for the digitals I have linked to my account but that is not enough reason for me to purchase one.
    I hope your Bluetooth works wonderfully for you.
    Crafty hugs,


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