Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I am really trying!

I am really trying to love my Cricut Explore!

Just to recap: When they first came out I was totally against it and frustrated that my previous Provo Craft purchases were becoming obsolete with no more updates. I think it made me resentful against the new machine. So I posted Why I Won't be Getting a Cricut Explore. A few months later Provo Craft sent me one to try out and review. Here's my first post: I Got a Cricut Explore! And I have to admit it does cut nicely and has some things I like but found that change was hard for me and reached for my cartridges, Gypsy, and Expression 2 most of the time.

Since our move I've only unpacked the Explore but when I find myself needing a quick cutout I either use the few spellbinders or other dies I have or use the predownloaded images on my Scan 'n Cut. Plus, like I mentioned before we do have internet and / or modem issues sometimes where we have to reset it. AND if that wasn't enough my laptop where I have downloaded the Cricut Design Space is starting to be . I do believe you can have it in a couple of places. However, I have not yet. Also, my wireless adapter has come in and I will using my ipad which hopefully will take care of some glitches.

Here's what happened!

I, of course, waited until the last day to finish my son's birthday invatations. I was up late cutting out the images and my laptop crashed which isn't the fault of Cricut but because of the way the it's designed all was lost. Plus, the internet was running sooooo slow that night! Frustrating!
I didn't have the actual size since I just dragged the arrows to the size I wanted so all the top layer cutouts were useless. Sadly I had already ran them through the Cuttlebug as well!! Wasted cardstock, wasted time! So much wasted time! I almost unpacked my Expression 2!
Then I got a little smarter and wrote down the specific size in case it happened again. Also, I saved it as a project even though I was only cutting out multiples of ONE image. The one things I really love about the Cricut Explore. It makes cutting out duplicates super EASY! When all the starts are lined up that is!
Of course I was being tested that night to fullest of capabilties and then my modem started acting up and it stopped right in the middle of cutting!
After that I said screw it and went to bed! The invites would have to wait! But I did however have the file saved, online only of course which I don't understand.
I got them done the next morning thankgoodness! For some reason my internet works better during the day than at night. I do realize that most of the problems are MY problems! It has nothing to do with the machine or the Design Space buuuuuut it only makes me still HATE that is HAS to be online. Yes, we all have the internet now adays but sometimes when that doesn't work we still want to craft, right?

A little Laurie disclaimer: I don't really use SVG's or design my own images which is why I bought a Cricut and cartridges instead of a Silouettle or the like in the first place!

I'll let you know if I like it better using the Cricut Explore Bluetooth Adapter and my iPad which I do most everything from! I'm crossing my fingers! I'm still trying!


  1. I too wish that the Cricut designing could be done without . I do not have an ipad. I have the Gypsy and even though I sold the former Cricut non-Explore machines I had (I had 2) I've kept the Gypsy. I do use SVG files and print & cut and they are so much fun. Files can also be shared with a link if you own the cartridges used in the file or are a subscriber that allows those files as subscribed. Exceptions are the Close To My Heart, Disney and a few others.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  2. I am extremely saddened by the direction Provo Craft is going concerning the Cricut. I own an Expression 2, two Expressions, the original Cricut and over 250 cartridges. I bought the now useless Cricut Design Studio so I could weld, etc. I have a lot of digital cartridges and cuts in my CCR program/account. I own a Cuttlebug, 100+ CBug dies and 200+ CBug embossing folders. As you can see I have invested a TON of money in Provo Craft products. I bought Cricut machines AND the cartridges because of the easy to use cartridges. I loved Design Studio because I did not have to be tied to the internet. I use my machines at home and at work. I'm a teacher. I CANNOT attach my Cricuts to my work internet because it is against the rules. My students, fellow staff members and parent are always making making positive comments about my bulletin boards and teaching materials I create using my PCraft products. Eventually my machines will die and sadly the only replacements I could get from PCraft require the use of the internet AND for me to link my cartridges which I DO NOT want to do. If PCraft gave me an Explore to try out of course I would be happy to give one a try but at this time I can not even think about investing more money in a machine PCraft will eventually abandon or cartridges I will eventually not be able to use. I stopped purchasing Cricut digitals because sooner rather than later PCraft will abandon CCR and my digitals will be worthless to me. I do not have the money just to throw it away.
    Whew. Thanks for letting me vent...
    Crafty hugs,

  3. Years ago we had a different internet provider and it was super slow or just locked up in the evening. We asked our neighbor who worked for the company why and he said it's because too many people are online at night because they're home from work. Maybe that's why your internet is better during the day because nobody's home. I bought the Silhouette machine and it's still in the box. Don't have room to open it until hubby puts up shelves for me to organize my sewing area.

  4. Laurie, I'm totally with ya on this one, girl! (and Dawn's comment above). It feels sometimes like I'm the lone holdout on the Explore, so it's nice to hear that you & others out there share the same concerns I have. The thing that drew me to Cricut in the first place, back in 2009, was the fact that it DIDN'T require a computer. I have a top-of-the-line computer & reliable internet, so that has nothing to do with it. I just feel that the computer-based notion somehow takes away from the authenticity of crafting, in my opinion.

    I have a Baby Bug, Expression, Expression 2, Imagine (I'm on my 2nd one), Gypsy & Cuttlebug. I own about 300 cartridges, most of which are downloaded onto my Gypsy. I say most of them because there hasn't been a Gypsy update in many months, so all the newer cartridges I have can't be downloaded. Needless to say, I have a great deal of money invested in Provo Craft products.

    In short (or not-so-short), I'm all for the Explore & I'm happy for the people that like it, but what really bothers me is them not providing support for their "legacy" (their term) machines. If they would just do that, then things would be all good in the hood. Frankly, it's insulting that they just expect us to disregard all the money & time we have invested in their products. Their answer: just buy the new machine! No thank you! Thanks for providing a forum for me to unload, lol.

    Diana ♥
    Leelee Card Designs


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