Saturday, April 16, 2016

HIMCR #247 - LOL!

Happy Saturday!

So we signed our two boys that are 9 and 10 up for soccer as I have mentioned before. Never did I realize how very much time it would take. First of all we are on a team that is mixed between at least two different elementary schools and practice is by the other one NOT ours. It can take up to 25 minutes to even get there. Then the games, there are two different fields that we play them on and one is over by practice only a little further away and the other field is clear on the other side of town - about 40 minutes away. We are still practicing twice a week with a game every Saturday. I think I saw myself driving into our neighborhood as I was driving out the other day!! I'm sure many of you can relate! It's so much fun watching by boys have so much fun! So in the long run it's worth it but man, I'm tired of all the going, going, going!!

The challenge this week is one we've done in the past. It seemed to be enjoyed!

HIMCR #247 - LOL! (Lots of Layers!)

Let's see those layers! Now this can be different for different styles. Some people generally make Clean projects with only one or two layers - time to add some more!!! And some already use three or four layers - time to add some more!! Let's all amp up what we usually do! And .....

Have FUN!!!!

The sponsor is 2 Cute Ink!
The giveaway is 2 images, Winner's choice, from 2 Cute Ink!

If you haven't joined 2 Cute Ink monthly stamp club you might want to check it out: Here!

You have until Saturday, April 23rd at 2AM Central time, to link up your creation to get entered into the giveaway this week. When uploading to online galleries please use code HIMCR247.

Now some inspiration from the

Hiding in My Craft Room Design Team

Using images from 2 Cute Ink!

You can see the HIMCR schedule of challenges and guidelines HERE! Please be sure and follow the few easy guidelines so your creation will get entered into the giveaway!

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We can't wait to see what you come up!


  1. Gorgeous creations from the DT! Love SHelly's.. .that paper is perfect! Love it!! Thanks for another fun challenge!

    - Susan, {Scrap A Thousand Words}
    {Sentimental Susan - Etsy}
    {Sentimental Susan - Zibbet}
    {Open-Minded Crafting Fun Challenges}

  2. Lots of lovely "lol" from the design team, mine only has four so hope that's enough, thanks for the fun challenge

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