Wednesday, January 11, 2017

HIMCR #282 Winner!

Wednesday just got funner! I help in the mornings with my kindergartener's class, then we all attend Miler's club where we walk or some of us run (not me) laps for an hour at school, then my 2nd grader had her Activity Day's meeting at 4:30. During that I went to Walmart because we have a local grocery store that has excellent prices but on Wednesday only. The store is a bit far for me to go to but Walmart price matches! So to Walmart I go even though I really don't have time. Then 3 of my kids have meetings at 7 at church, now on Wednesday. It used to be on Tuesday's! Phew! I just needed to get that off my chest! Crazy Day! Also, my husband came home sick with fever! Thankfully I have great friends that can take turns with me getting our kids to and from places. But now for some real fun! Announcing our HIMCR winner this week!

First a quick challenge recap recap:

HIMCR #282 - Freestyle!

The sponsor for this challenge is Di's DigiStamps!

The giveaway is $12 Gift Certificate to Di's DigiStamps!

And the winner is ......

Congrats to our HIMCR winner this week! Usually I would have you use the 'Contact Me' button located at the top of the page but for some reason my header menu has disappeared and I still haven't figured out why or how to fix it completely but some of it magically reappeared! I'm hoping the rest of it will come back too! Until then please message me through our HIMCR facebook page before next Wednesday to send me your email and claim your prize. Please put the challenge number and prize in subject of message. I have time set aside on Thursdays to respond to emails! Thanks! :)

Thank you to everyone for all the great entries! And thanks so much to for Di's DigiStamps sponsoring our HIMCR challenge!


  1. Wow such a pleasant surprise thank you so much - I will email you ASAP

    1. I hope I sent the message to the correct place - I never sent a message thru Facebook. Again thank you so much!!!

    2. Little confusing - I not sure if I needed to give you my email

    3. Can you please let me know if you received my email on Facebook?

    4. So sorry. I haven't been online much. I've had sick ones to take care of. Also I help out at my kids school and don't get a chance to answer emails until Thursday as stated. However I found a little time today to get on Facebook! Next time please include the challenge number to help expedite things. Thanks for playing along with us at HIMCR!

  2. Sounds like an exhausting day! Hope your hubby is feeling better! Congrats to the winner! YAY! :)

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  3. Ofta, sounds like a busy day! Hang in there...hope your hubby feels better soon to!Congrats to the winner~!
    Sherrie K


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